About Jembel



Jembel was born to assist the woman to be ‘PWEETTY’ for herself, gorgeous for her husband, family and friends. Research shows that a woman’s confidence, poise and self- esteem drops, even with a good face to behold, if her dressing is poor or boring!  Again there are still some ladies who can even afford expensive clothing and accessories, but without that ‘touch’, that ‘eye’ for style; are unable to get their appearance right!

We believe that every woman is ‘PWEETTY’ inside and just needs the right clothing and accessories in the right combination and, of course, at the right price!

We are a one-stop shop solution to a woman’s clothing and accessories needs, that guarantees you quality, style and trend, all intricately woven to delight your senses. 

Happy shopping “pweetty” woman!


I would love to hear from you!

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