Facial Make – Up

Hey Pweetty Woman,

Compliments of the season! Good tidings from Jembel! *winks*

I am so sure you are having a blast but hope looking SUPER CHIC too! Don’t be caught otherwise. Yeah , you need to; every woman should. Remember every woman is pweetty because all you need is the right clothing, in the right size and at the right price! Lol!

Let me give you a lil secret about your facial make-up. You want to hear it? *winks*

Some folks say they don’t like make –up. “It makes me look old”……blablabla! To this I say No, a thousand times! Worn in the right proportion and with the right tone and shades, your beauty is enhanced. Invest in a good Make-Up artiste and get a transformed you.Thank God for D.I.Y.(Do It Yourself) yeah, but ladies, you need to be taught the gimmicks first. I recommend JAGABEAUTY!

Have a look at my face.

Ebele-Akora-CEO-VisionYou like it? You ‘ve got to pay for liking !! hahahaha!! All that magic was by Jagabeauty! She just knows how to nail it; ‘transforming you to a full blown butterfly’, she says! Hahaha!

 A lot went in there to get that ‘’magic image’’. So brace it and try it! Do not forget to send me pictures.*winks* Have fun and keep being P-W-E-E-T-T-Y!

Dress by Jembel

-Accessories  by Jembel

-Weave  by Jembel (Double drawn bouncy tips)

I would love to hear from you!

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