Happy New Year Everyone!

Its 2015! Glory to God Almighty that we made it. By God’s unlimited grace, we are going to do bigg things and see the end!

Did you make New year resolutions? Have you started following them? Anyways, take them one after the other and ask God for help.For most people its a year of Transformation…For me its a year of TRIUMPH specially! Yippee!!

Think of ways of doing things differently. Here are a few tips from us:

Introduce new trendy styles in your wardrobe. Get rid of any boring stuff in there! (Sshhh ! call me for help if you need one! *winks*) Its all about looking and staying chic ok. Brighten your outlook. Dress right. Wear your clothes,hair and shoes properly . You are what you wear and first impression matters!

Be positive always. Avoid negative friends that are pessimistic or stuff that will bring you down.This helps you with your outlook.

Believe in yourself and dream big. Remember all things are possible. Just trust God and work hard. Set your heart on your goals and keep trusting God. Be inspired! Your goals are achievable.

Take care of yourself and mind what you eat. Eat healthy and drink lots of water to keep fresh.Learn how to relax and laugh more this year.It reduces stress and early wrinkles.*winks*

Make moves: good strong moves of determination and don’t just be idle! Whatever makes you happy, do!; so far its morally right and decent.

HAVE A FULFILLED AND TRIUMPHANT 2015!! We love U. Hugs and teddy bears!!!

I would love to hear from you!

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