Great destiny

Good morning Pweetty! Welcome to a great new week.

Do you know that you have a great destiny? Yea, sure you do! It doesn’t matter what your foundation or background is, the family you were born into,what people have said concerning you or experiences of life especially your so-called bad ones. Relax, they do not matter! What matters is what God has said concerning you! That is to say , you can re-set your destiny once you are in God! Yes, a thousand times!!

Those circumstances including the unpleasant ones, were to perfect you to that mature you, where you are fully ready for what God has in stock for you. They are processing times of your life! So don’t be frustrated, afraid of failure etc. God’s backing is all you need and He has promised to be with you till the end of age!

What has He told you that you think is not coming to pass? Trust Him and hold unto His words; He cannot lie! It will come to pass .What has He shown you to do? Don’t fear, do! Stop procrastinating. Don’t ever think that because some things didn’t happen or are not going the way you thought,means He lied to you or you are a failure! No , you are not. They might all be part of your great destiny, playing! He’s maturing you for the bigger picture!

Let go off things that so easily pull you back and persevere on things that bring Him glory! Always inquire of Him for what to do at any point and He will show you!

Be in Him. Hold him tight. Do not let go.

Have  a great week ahead!

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