polished look

Hallos Pweetty, have you upgraded your wardrobe yet?? Hmmmmnn, berra hurry; it’s almost end of the year! You simply can’t afford not to!  Yea!! We carefully selected tons of p-w-e-e-t-t-y exclusives, JUST FOR U! …so no missing out!*winks*
Rock! Rock!! Rock them all!!! … but hey , U berra hurry, selling so fast! Oh yes, we have small, medium, large and plus sizes ! Yippeee!!!

Tips on how to rock your two-piece!

#1 U can take off the jackets and wear them plain.  Accessorize with a simple jewelry and you are good to go! Have a look:


jacky off

#2 Put on your jacket and have a complete POLISHED STYLE!


NEW...Multicoloured sleeveless dress with red jacket -2pc by R and M Richards

You see what i mean?? *winks* What do you think? Absolutely gorgeous! Be it red, purple, orange ,floral, etc., we got you covered! Sooo, start shopping Pweetty!! We are here for u!


polished look

Can’t wait to dress you up!! HURRY MY PWEETTIES!
Please visit jembel.com/shop/shop-dress/ for these and more show – stopping and gorgeous dresses!!
…..just cos you are P-W-E-E-T-T-Y!!!

I would love to hear from you!

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