Prophet o fur time

Good morning Pweetty! Yes it ‘s a brand new week and great things will happen for you! Hope you believe it? Say a big Amen!You know you have what you say.
Our words have so much power! Yes, that’s why we should be careful about what we say! So today I am reminding us that we are our own prophets! Oh yes, you say great things into your life and it shall be! Why do you think parents bless their children? ,or people bless others with words? Oh yes, we carry so much power in our tongue!

So today and throughout the week, prophesy into your life! Forget whatever is posing a threat or fear around you, and go on to prophesy! Speak what you want to see! Speak and keep speaking! Don’t stop , even if the shaking and noise continues! The shaking shows something great is about to happen; you are almost at your great answer and miracle!! Your words inspired of God’s spirit cannot expire.They are programmed to happen!
Remember the valley of dry bones, that finally gave way to real humans through prophecy!! Oh what a life! God has so beautified our lives! Live in that consciousness. We are perfectly equipped to live a perfect life in spite of the challenges. Yes!!! Fill your life with God’s word:its a sure security to beautifying your life.
Every dry bone can live again !
Have a blessed day!

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