Hey Pweetty, how you wear what you wear, matters! Never mind if you have ‘so called simple’ outfits! You can transform them into mind blowing outfits depending on the occasion. In fact, the simpler, the better. I like them simple myself but you know what?… How you wear them , matters!
Have a look at our pix above! It is just a simple black and white patterned jumpsuit. The Diva rocked it with a bold black belt, still giving it a plus!
Please have  a look again.

nkoli new collage jumsuit

Now what do you think? hahaha! It’s a super wow for me!…
Yea, ‘SAME OUTFIT, ANOTHER GORGEOUS LOOK’! So you see, there’s no end to your creative ways your outfit can be worn! Just that jacket, belt or even a pair of shoes, can change your outfit and make you super ‘hawt’!
Stay connected to Jembel, we promise to continually provide you with top-notch accessories , shoes, dresses ,tops, bottoms, bags and every little piece that can make you stand out from the crowd! Visit for more.
Lotta love!!!

#Jumpsuit … Jembel

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