Thank u all 2

Yippee!!! Its just a few days to the end of 2015! What can we say?…Has God been so faithful? Oh yes! He has.We truly give God all the praise! Yes there were challenges, trials, walls etc but we won ”BIGG” after all, by the power of God and His mercies! ALL PRAISES TO YOU MY GOD!
Yes, we truly made significant progress! …Took giant strides, added new lines, made tremendous effective changes that pushed us forward! You guys were awesome! Thank you DIVAS…JEMBEL AMBASSADORS, for standing by our side these past 12 months and more with your huge patronage! We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this milestone without you! Tears of joy fill my heart as i write. THANK U A MILLION TIMES!
We were unable to upload all your pics here cos you are numerous and couldn’t receive all your pics before now, but hey, we know you and you know we do! *winks* Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks!!! The few we got, represent you all! We truly appreciate you! We will do more in the coming year with God on our side!
We also appreciate all who supported us in diverse ways…encouragement, suggestions, positive criticism etc which spurred us on! THANK YOU. We are specially grateful to our IT and PR Pro, ..our one and only Joy Ezeka! You are one in a million! May God bless you richly. Jembel loves you for your time and hard work in bringing Jembel this far! Your creative ability, has no match!! We will go places together Joy, and do great things!  Thank you Diva! To our numerous clients, fans, supporters (directly and indirectly) , thank you a million ! You guys rock big time!
 2016 is a greater and more fulfilled year for us all, in Jesus name, Amen! GOD BLESS YOU!

I would love to hear from you!

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