Praise be to God that we made it! ‘Twas great indeed for us here at Jembel! We were able to spot some of our Pweetties in stunning Jembel’s outfits…”what we are known for”! *winks* It pays to look good, ALWAYS. Have a look!

# Pix 1- Jembel’s white Fendi dress, nude shoes and Russian bounce weave.


Ugomma spotted

#Pix 2- Jembel’s Nine West shoes
Nonso cropped
# Pix 3- Jembel’s yellow Fendi dress

Nkoli spotted fendi

# Pix 4- Jembel’s White Fendi dress

dolapo fendi


What do you think? *winks* SUPER HAWT !!! I promise you, Jembel is set to do even more in this year , with God on our side! So tighten your seat belts and stay glued to! We’ve got tonnes of trendy, interesting yet classy stuff on your way SOON!
Jembel keynote
Start the year ”hawt” would you? *winks* No waiting, no stopping!; Get pweetty! ; Plan to look better!; Get rid of your boring wardrobe and trust us to enhance your style! Its from glory to glory!

collage 2016

REMEMBER, we are always here to help and every woman is pweetty @ Jembel! Have a victorious and blissful 2016! We love you greatly! Kisses!!!

Fendi dresses by Jembel

All shoes spotted by Jembel

I would love to hear from you!

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