Ebele peach blog

Hiya Pweetty, trust your weekend was great! All of a sudden its harmattan here again in this part of the world, Lagos- Nigeria! Wow, the weather is a bit chilly and kids are having runny noses! Lols! As a parent or guardian, it is time to get Vitamin C close by again especially for kids! *winks* Anyways, its all good! hahaha!
Ok, Yea , there’s a need to constantly empower yourself! You have all it takes because God made you a unique individual! Never stay idle or wallow in self-pity that you have nothing! A thousand times “NO”! Nothing actually means anything except the meaning you attach to it. Life becomes easier when you focus on things you can control and less attention to the things you can’t. This week , decide to start from where you are and ask God for help!
Have a PWEETTY week!

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