A NO not

Hello Pweetty, we are here again today on our usual Monday -Monday medicine! hahaha!
Is your life full of ‘No’? You need to change that mindset! Just one “Yes” can change things for you! No matter how difficult, narrow, cumbersome, discouraging ,overwhelming etc the situation can be, NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! That is the mindset that wins.
Even if you have tried so many times and failed in that particular circumstance, try again. You never know, it can work out at your second, third or even fourth trial so far you are sure God has sent you to do that! Great people face challenges and your worth is measured by how much of those challenges you won! The truth is that you are made to be  a winner IN ALL THINGS!
Never mind, at every point of your trial, you learn new skills, new ways of doing that same thing. Hence acquiring enough experiences and skills as you go along! Glory!!!
My two year old daughter, never takes a ”NO’ for an answer even when that particular thing or incident is for good for her! hahaha! I have learnt so much from her. She will keep saying the “No” until you agree with her terms. Remember she’s just a baby. The point here is her resilience. That’s how we should be wired! Change your mindset and always know that God is committed to us so there’s no ”chickening out” or loosing! NO WAY!!!
We are victorious in all things! Hallelujah!.. Have a pweetty week!!!

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