About yesterday…..Had my manual facials done!👊 A great way to start the month!!! Thanks @btilagos (Beauty Therapy Institute) and @clinictheaesthetic, Clinic the aesthetic ….

My pweetty ladies, we all should do this often and get rid of the unwanted! Yelz, Your pweetty self isn’t complete with a dull face. Achieve this not just with heavily coated foundation or concealers (which are still good, if you use the right ones,) but also with what you eat. Pamper your face! You ve got only one!😂😍

*Drink lots of water daily to keep your face glowing and off dehydration.
* Get your hands OFF your face. (Am very guilty of that, but saying No More)😜😜😜
* Take plenty of fruits and vegetables especially the ones that have lots of water eg water melon, oranges, pineapples etc.
…will continue next time. 😜

Visit btilagos (Beauty  Therapy Instutute) and get the REAL thing!😂😂


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