When DINNER is all you got!

Hey classic styles get me on my feet, especially when they are from Jembel’s wardrobe. Don’t blame me too much Pweetties! Life is simply beautiful, learn to enjoy it.
Now back to your wardrobe, you got a dinner, there are a few checks:
– your look
– kind of dinner( for one or two or several )
– your comfy
Yea when these are in please, your dinner turn out, is made easy. It makes it easy for your choice of outfit and total look. I personally try to look different on any dinner party or event I got. No look or dress is ever the same. You should try that too. For me, it makes it more fun… from my hair to my nail polish, should be different at any dinner.
Maxi dresses never get out of place. Having to hold one part in my hands while the rest flow behind me, makes me feel regal. How about you. Get this feel sometimes would you?

Have a look at our Diva here:

Her choice of having her hair all up was a brilliant idea, hence the total embroidery and ambiance of the gorgeous maxi dress was well noticed. Now that is important.

Your shoes, too, very important! Wrong match, wrong outlook. So give it your best from pointies to sandals or mules. We always have your back and give 100% style consultancy free!
So when next you got a dinner, would you give it your best shot? Berra do. We are here always for you.


Model- Jembel’s client

Dress – Jembel Wardrobe

Shoes – Jembel wardrobe


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