Jembel was born to assist the woman to be ‘PWEETTY’ for herself, gorgeous for her husband, family and friends. Research shows that a woman’s confidence, poise and self- esteem drops, even with a good face to behold, if her dressing is poor or boring!  Again there are still some ladies who can even afford expensive clothing and accessories, but without that ‘touch’, that ‘eye’ for style; are unable to get their appearance right!

We believe that every woman is ‘PWEETTY’ inside and just needs the right clothing and accessories in the right combination and, of course, at the right price!

We are a one-stop shop solution to a woman’s clothing and accessories needs, that guarantees you quality, style and trend, all intricately woven to delight your senses. We have your dresses, tops, skirts, pants, footwears, handbags, purses and accessories for every occasion and out- of-this – world weaves. We offer you items from great brands and labels you can trust yet at best prices. Trust us! Jembel not only offers unique and quality products, we also offer top-notch consultancy and advisory services on how best to wear, mix and match, as well as accessorize these clothing available with our team of style consultants, to make every woman complete and ‘PWEETTY’!  Amazed?  Surf through our site to find out!

All we believe, all we do is about you. You are the reason we were born, the reason we are in business, hence we commit to ensuring that you always have a positive experience transacting and shopping with us and using our products or services.

One thing is certain, every encounter with us will leave you with a smile and every purchase you make will get you ‘noticed’!

With just a click here, a physical visit to us, a telephone call or email and you become a new  ‘P-W-E-E-T-T-Y’ woman! So stop the search in the trunks of cars, boring shops and stores online and get down to real fun, shopping with Jembel!

Happy shopping “pweetty” woman!


Ebele Akora

CEO / Chief Style Consultant