God Answers!

It’s a brand new week and I want you to know that God answers prayers! Ohh sure He does ….and always on time, the right time!

Have you spoken to God about something? Hold on! Wait!! You were heard and He answered. The answer may not manifest physically when you thought it should but it will surely happen at His time, which is always the best! He’s the Omnipotent God!

I have seen my prayers and those of my friends answered when I / they least expected them, just in a flash! Yea, some of them were even stuff I talked to God about and forgot, yet He never forgets! So there’ s really no need to be worried, afraid, or anxious for you have a God that answers prayers! Lay them at His feet and relax even in this new week as it starts.Trust Him to do them , as many as they are. Yes He’s able and the Biggest of all – living or dead!

God answers prayers!!!! Have a pweetty week!ūüėö

Go For The Pearls!


Why settle for less when you can achieve more? Go for the precious pearls, … excellent, great ,noble and praise worthy things! Go for more. Dig deep from the word of God, and see your pearls arrive! Precious stones ain’t found just anywhere! You gotta dig real deep to possess them!
My ¬†seven year old daughter once planted a plant on a shallow soil in my house, expecting it to grow even after many days. The other day, while gardening with my three precious Jewels, the last , who is three years old pointed out something clear. She said, ‘The plant didn’t grow’. How sad they were as they felt disappointed that they didn’t get the result they expected. Then, my nine year old son, answered them and said, “Oh no , Its cos you didn’t plant it deep in the soil. It needs loamy soil to grow and you also need to dig deep to plant it so the rains won’t wash it away. Don’t worry, we will plant it again and it will grow.” hahahahaha! How intelligent that was!
Dig deep! Forget the shallow mines! The precious pearls are possible and near thee if only you dig deep and not settle for just anything.
Have  a pweetty robust week!



Yeah! Sparkle!!!
Is there really a limit to what you can do? I don’t think so except for the ones you set for yourself! No limits absolutely if you can allow God’s Word in!
The entrance of your word giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple ( Psalm 119 vs 130) The entrance of God’s word gives light to everyone..not just to the high and mighty, a particular sector, a segment of the population, some tribes, age grades, sex, etc. NO! ..but to all even to the lil ones! Ohh hallelujah! What a life!
The only thing that is permanent is the Word of God! So make it your daily food and you will surely burst out, sparkling! It shapens you and even enters deep in the bone marrow! Ohh!
It rained cats and dogs yesterday in Lagos Nigeria, ¬†and for a moment it got me thinking. Someone would have thought the rain wasn’t gonna end! Surprisingly you know what? It sure ended, and everywhere was calm again! Interesting! So, that is to say that every other thing is temporary and subject to change except the word of God which lives and abides forever! Praise God!
So what s stopping your sparkle? Don’t let it Pweetty! Burst out, Come on! ¬†hahahaha! No matter the thunder, dark clouds, storm etc, it will sure stop sooner than you think! Brace yourself and Sparkle! Walk tall, set high goals, laugh and be joyful, wear a smile always and look just extremely Pweetty !
We love to see you sparkle @ Jembel!
 Cheers to a great week!
Love you!!!


Look back at what God has done in your life, and never be found grumbling or complaining! There’s ¬†every reason to praise Him. Do situations seem overwhelming? Praise Him still! Look not at the things you don’t have yet, praise Him anyway!
Yeah, praise Him for every lil cloud of blessing in your life, even the dots, for the ‘Rain’ is coming! Glory to God! He sure has a good plan for your life. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!
Stay chic and pweetty!


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2 Corinthians 9 vs 8;…
‘..And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work’…So true!
I remember as a little child, I hated having ‘bad’mark scores on my sheets of exam papers or books. Arrrrrggghh! ¬†I hated it big time! I always wanted to be first in my classes. My mum told me that once I didn’t get the scores right, I cried my heart out and asked her , over and over again, as a great teacher too she was, to teach me the subjects well and how to score ‘good’all the time and not ‘ bad’ anymore ! hahahaha!
How nice we always want to associate with ‘good’ scores all the time! Oh sure, good stuff and yes its possible on your jobs , projects, interactions and set goals this week to have a clean sheet cos God IS able and HAS MADE ALL GRACE abound toward you! Hallelujah! …Grace to have a clean sheet throughout the week in all your endeavours! Keep at it, even if you make mistakes, never ¬†give up! CLEAN SHEET IS CALLING! *winks

Set the goal.

Focus and meditate on the Word of God.

Remove all distractions .

Determine to have a clean sheet at the end of each day

Leave no stone unturned.

Brace yourself and let’s go! You can do it!
Stay Pweetty!


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Hmmmmn! How do you describe joy? Its indescribable! Its a virtue ONLY God gives! The joy of the Lord is your strength, the sriptures declare even today at work, in your home, school , any field of endeavour ¬†and always! That’s your sure strength. Ask me more! *winks*
Take hold of it, don’t let it go. Allow the joy of the Lord well up in your spirit , not just in the material things you possess but totally in God, ‘cos God’s got your back always, child of God! Let this virtue flow uncontrollably in your life and NEVER allow anything steal the JOY that only God gives! Get close to Him, and you will never let go!
Have a pweetty day!

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Diligent Ebele
”Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men” (Prov 22 vs 29)
Oh yes! You desire to stand before kings and not obscure men? Be and keep being diligent! Don’t be discouraged; don’t give up, for in due season you shall reap!
Be careful of dream killers along the way though. You will sure meet all kinds of people and forces but hold on tight to what God showed you. Don’t be afraid! No force can withstand God! He is the highest and greatest force ever! God has given you all the grace you need to abound in every good work.
Have a pweetty week!

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Hallos Pweetties, happy new week! Wow! The first half of the year is almost coming to an end! Incredible isn’t it? Hahaha! Glory to God! He has been tremendously goooood!
Anyways, we thank God for the great achievements/ accomplishments, powerful testimonies, new ideas, new vision etc! I indeed had a fantastic one! Hope you did? You can increase the tempo! More await us, don’t stop hun!

Well, it’s still possible for you in the next half! Just be determined and have at the back of your mind as you go on, The Power of Synergy’! Yes, you can achieve a lot through this! Look out for people that truly believe in what you believe, and synergise! Even the scriptures declare that whatever two or more shall AGREE concerning anything, it shall be done! .. So wait no more! There are a whole lot you can do. I am excited and bubbling with great ideas this way and wishing the year wouldn’t end! Hahahaha! ….a whole lot to do!!

Truth is you can be what you want to be! Is God in it? Do you believe it’s possible? Then go for it and the ease with which things will happen will amaze you! I will share my testimonies soon! *winks* They are mind blowing that am just in awe of God’s goodness!

So can you start now? GO FOR IT! Take the vision to the Lord, synergise and take off!! SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

Have a pweetty week! Lotta love!!!


Blessed fully
Hey U Pweetty, trust you had a great week! I had a fantastic one…full of testimonies, adventure, events and new mind blowing super- blessed experiences!
God has made us ‘The Blessing’ when we are in Him! (Prov 10: 22) Its a state everyone should covet! Therein is no struggle or stress… only peace , tranquility, sweetness and victories! (Eph 1 vs 3, Ps 84: 5-6 ) ¬†Seek God and dwell in Him! That is where ‘The True Blessing ” lies . Never mind, ‘In The Blessing’ too, you will sure have experiences but be in the know that you are just “passing through” the experiences which will produce for you, a far more exceeding weight of glory at the end. Whatever it is can’t drown you… Oh No! It won’t. God sees it as ” light affliction” and you should do likewise! The scriptures declare that it produces for you great positive result …”eternal weight of glory”, at the end! Hallelujah!
Go by the name God has called you,.. Blessed! YOU ARE THE BLESSED OF THE LORD!¬†Let your life, mind and mouth be so full of God’s word concerning you and be quick to speak it at all times!
YOU ARE BLESSED! Have a pweetty week!!


ebele make up

Pweetty, have you been thankful to God? If you haven’t , its time to pause and be! Yea, it should be our daily routine I tell you! Forget about everything that poses difficulty in your paths – the trials, challenges, dreams that seem unfulfilled etc. and just stay thankful! Put them aside!! ¬†God’s got you and everything in His hands so every challenge , is subject to change! Just simply remain thankful for who He is and the wonders He’s done, doing and will still do in your life and you ll be happier! He longs to hear you acknowledge Him.
So today and throughout the week, let’s be thankful for who He is; He is the Elshaddai, Elohim, Elyon, Adonai, Nissi, Rohi, Tisdeknu, Shalom, Rapha , The Monarch of the Universe, The One that just created the earth and everything with just His word, The One who alone parts the seas and creates dry ground at the same time, The power that threw the armies of Pharoah into the sea, The Power that turned Herod to worms, The Power that stilled the Sun in the valley of Ajalon, etc Ohh! Hallelujah!!! Our God is great and mighty!
Be thankful for His protection, true endless love, mercies which are new every morning, faithfulness, provision, shelter, loving kindness that never seizes! Be thankful for the great wonders He has done in your life in the past, still doing, and will yet do, the answered prayers you seem to have forgotten, for your job, ¬†family, ¬†kids, friends He has beautified your life with etc! …Ohh ! There are just a million and one reasons to JUST BE THANKFUL!
Think on these things …’whatsoever is of good report….”!


‪#‎mondaymotivation‬ ‪#‎donotdisturbsign‬
Hey Pweetty! Good day. Our Monday-Monday tonic is here again! Hahaha! Yippee!!!
How do you rest? Do you ‘really’ rest in God or…. If you do otherwise, it’s time to rest in God! (Heb 4 vs 11 – 12) Allow God in your affairs wholeheartedly so you can rest!
One day I decided to take nap for just two hours before I continued with my busy schedule. So I switched off my phones and put off every other electronic gadget that may ‘disturb ‘me. My lovely kids too, gone out so… My two hour sleep ended up being four hours! Hahaha! Seriously I never saw that coming cos I didn’t know I was that tired! But you know what? I got up so refreshed cos I ‘rested’! Hahaha!
You see that’s an example of how to rest in God. Put up some boundaries and don’t allow everything in. Be careful what you feed your mind with that may cause you stress and worry. Watch things that make you happy and don’t be caught up with someone else’s life. Successful people are too busy with their huge well laid out vision than watch and poke into other peoples’ lives.
Don’t let other peoples unhappiness and crisis affect your happiness and peace. PUT A NO DISTURB SIGN ON YOUR HEART ALWAYS! Yea,turn whatever it is over to God and enjoy the rest God gives. Keep people that are godly and happy around you so you are more effective. You have entered into the rest of God for He is on the throne. You can’t lose your peace over your life!
The disciples in the scriptures panicked sometimes and wanted to steal Jesus peace but He didn’t allow it. He kept calming them down and eventually great results, achieved! God will fight for you if you remain at rest and hold your peace. Life is too short to allow peace stealers to steal your peace and destiny.


Welcome to the month of May!!! Its already a great month for us! Yippeee! Am so excited cos our lives are progressive so…!! Glory!
Determine to have the bulldog faith this month. Don’t forget that the Just shall live by faith! Remember the things of old, God’s great works in your life and cast not away your confidence; it’s got great rewards! (Heb 10 v 35) Have a place for patience too. (Luke 18 vs 1) Patience must have its way but His word MUST prevail!
Walk by faith and not by sight. Make declarations and affirmations of who God says you are and expect nothing but the best! The glory of God covers you always. Be persistent and know that persistence wears down resistance. Yea! When you persist, u wear the devil and the circumstance out! Stay on the word. Keep up with your declarations and thank Him ahead. Entertain no sleepless nights cos HE IS IN CHARGE! U can have all you need in Him! (Luke 18 v 1 -8) All things are possible to him that believes!
Have a p-w-e-e-t-t-y week and stay thoroughly blessed! *winks*


Good morning. Its a pweetty week again!

What is your emotional bank account like? Hope it isn’t dry, low or half full? When it is low , dry or half full, you are overwhelmed, depressed, bitter, sad etc.and won’t be able to enjoy this beautiful life God has given us. Always take time to ensure you fill it up! You have the mind of Christ! Yes , He has given you a re-generated spirit that even when life throws whatever punches at you (which are sure to come at different times of your life) ,you should bounce back. Yeah!!!

How are you loving, celebrating and taking care yourself? Let your emotional bank account be full always! That way, you ll enjoy your life. Know that God is for you and nothing or no one can be against you. Remember you are your own and biggest cheer leader . Don’t always wait for circumstances to ignite your happiness or make your emotional bank account full, go on and fill it up! He took time to create and mould you, tell me why you should live a low depressed life? Its a lie from the devil! You are unique so decorate your life with positive things, excellent thoughts, and love yourself. Buy yourself flowers, don’t always wait for someone to buy for you! Take yourself out to interesting places too if you can! *winks* hahaha! Oh yeah! Its all in keeping your emotional bank account full and loving yourself!

You are beautiful! Decide and make up your mind to enjoy this life that God himself gave you! Its a beautiful life, trust me! Avoid comparing yourself with others, you are unique in your own way. They don’t have what you have e.g. your skills,abilities, stature etc. You are simply unique! Hallelujah!

Remember, Phil: 4 vs 8 says, (paraphrased)…”whatsoever things are pure, of good report and has virtue, think on those things’.. Check your thoughts and be focused. Do you have some stuff trying to frustrate you? Refuse them and step out boldly facing your day and declaring to yourself , WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST AND GET YOUR DAY GOING THAT WAY!

God bless you!



Hey U, good morning! Yeah a new week again! Glory to God.
Choice is a Gift God gave us all…..Use yours wisely today and always. A man’s mind is the compass of a man! So ….’casting down imaginations that raiseth itself against the knowledge of God’… (2 Cor:3-5). Please read this story to the end: It blessed me and am sure it will be same for u:
2 twin boys were raised by an alcoholic father. 1 grew up to be an alcoholic & when asked what happened he said ” I watched my father”… The other grew up and never drank in his life. When he was asked what happened he said “I watched my father”… 2 boys, same dad, 2 different perspective. Your perspective in life will determine your destination. Today’s a new day. Go.
CHOOSE GOD’S WAYS! THEY ARE WAYS OF WISDOM AND THE BEST THAT WILL SET YOU ON THE COURSE TO FOLLOW FOR LIFE!..Not your odd imaginations, people’s suggestions and experiences,negative thoughts your mind brings to you! Refuse them and MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE ALWAYS! You will live a happier and more fulfilled life..to the full!
Have a P-w-e-e-t-t-y week and God bless you!


A NO not

Hello Pweetty, we are here again today on our usual Monday -Monday medicine! hahaha!
Is your life full of ‘No’? You need to change that mindset! Just one “Yes” can change things for you! No matter how difficult, narrow, cumbersome, discouraging ,overwhelming etc the situation can be, NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! That is the mindset that wins.
Even if you have tried so many times and failed in that particular circumstance, try again. You never know, it can work out at your second, third or even fourth trial so far you are sure God has sent you to do that! Great people face challenges and your worth is measured by how much of those challenges you won! The truth is that you are made to be  a winner IN ALL THINGS!
Never mind, at every point of your trial, you learn new skills, new ways of doing that same thing. Hence acquiring enough experiences and skills as you go along! Glory!!!
My two year old daughter, never takes a ”NO’ for an answer even when that particular thing or incident is for good for her! hahaha! I have learnt so much from her. She will keep saying the “No” until you agree with her terms. Remember she’s just a baby. The point here is her resilience. That’s how we should be wired! Change your mindset and always know that God is committed to us so there’s no ”chickening out” or loosing! NO WAY!!!
We are victorious in all things! Hallelujah!.. Have a pweetty week!!!



Ebele peach blog

Hiya Pweetty, trust your weekend was great! All of a sudden its harmattan here again in this part of the world, Lagos- Nigeria! Wow, the weather is a bit chilly and kids are having runny noses! Lols! As a parent or guardian, it is time to get Vitamin C close by again especially for kids! *winks* Anyways, its all good! hahaha!
Ok, Yea , there’s a need to constantly empower yourself! You have all it takes because God made you a unique individual! Never stay idle or wallow in self-pity that you have nothing! A thousand times “NO”! Nothing actually means anything except the meaning you attach to it. Life becomes easier when you focus on things you can control and less attention to the things you can’t. This week , decide to start from where you are and ask God for help!
Have a PWEETTY week!


ebele today new

Hiya Pweetty, it’s a brand new day! Its going to be ¬†a beautiful week for us all but you know what? YOU NEED TO BELONG TO GOD’s TEAM! Oh yes dearies!
God’s team is the only team that will keep you sane in this world! Trust me, its a winning team always! When you entirely function in God, your borders are safe and you will find true fulfillment. You cannot truly function optimally without God. You need Him! Hide in His pavilion always and you will know true peace even in an insane world!
Have  a pweetty week! God bless you!

Heed To Instructions!


Hiya, trust your weekend was great!… This year and always, please do not joke with instructions! Oh yes,do not joke with the word of God anytime it comes to you. Determine within you to do the word! It pays. Make out time to study your word and fellowship with the Holy Spirit! He will lead you in the ways to follow which would be to your profiting! You have so much power within you!(Ps 37: 16- 19) If you will only do what God tells you, your greatness is so sure! Trust fully in the Lord your God and lean not on your own understanding.
The greater One lives inside of you! Declare that nothing can ever stop you nor hinder you. You are super favoured always and live in abundance because you are connected to God’s unending supply system! Gloryyyy!!! ¬†You are the head and not the tail so you must make progress. You win always in every situation because the spirit of God dwells within you! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you and everything you lay your hands upon to do shall prosper in Jesus name, Amen! Ministering angels are at you beck and call so have no fears or worries! Great is your peace and prosperity!!!
Go and prosper for everything is working together for your good! Hallelujah!
Have  a blessed week!


serenity blog

Pweetty, its a new year and NOW is the time to kick off! Oh yes, no waiting for the Lord is with you!
The key here is to START! Don’t procrastinate.The word of God will give you directions and also your guiding light Ps. 119 v 105 so do not fear! Make God your closest friend. What you have is enough to take you to where you want to get to in 2016 and beyond! Ex. 1: 8- 12; Do not look at the size of what you have now. Job 8 v 7. God is able to multiply it!
Be optimistic, and have no fears! Go forth and achieve your dreams ! I am a witness and  can boldly declare that all things are possible! Glory to God!!!
  • You must imbibe self discipline though! Go forth and make tremendous progress !
Have  a pweetty day!


flag of peace

Good morning Pweetty!
Have you taken time to check how special your life is to God? You can imagine sending Jesus, His only son to die for us while we were yet sinners!!..Not just that, leaving the Holy Spirit as our Comforter and Helper on earth to ensure all His work on earth is done, until His return! Wow!!!
This will clearly show you that your life is not trial and error! God took time to create you and have you in His plan. If you’ ve got the Holy Spirit, you’ ve got it all! He makes your work easier and shows you even , things to come¬†;not just showing, ¬†but guiding you every step of the way till you accomplish all He has shown you! So, you are not hopeless. Always count on the Holy Spirit for guidance .
Speak words that will influence your 2016.Trust Him, He will show you. ( Psalms 16 v 11) Cooperate with Him always and speak only what God has spoken concerning your 2016! (Is. 62 v 8) God has sworn to be with you all the way!! Gloryyyy!
Remember, He is our ever present help, living in us! Have a blessed week!


Give thanks Ebby

Hey U, we are almost in 2016! Yipppeee!! It’s been glorious! Glory to God!!
Now you may be thinking of the challenges you have had in the year, the trials, the tribulations, some set backs, unrealized dreams etc, but the truth is that you should GIVE THANKS STILL, IN ALL THINGS for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you! In as much as I made tremendous progress, I also faced some challenges too ¬†that can be mind blowing …hahaha! …but they are not stopping me! NEVER! We have the Almighty God by our side! They are greater opportunities for me to shine and God’s glory , seen! Hallelujah!! Yea! It may not have gone the way you planned, but when you look around, you must see a reason to thank God! Count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what Lord has done!
You are alive so that’s enough! No hope is lost! Greater opportunities and victories are ahead . Again, whatever it is, is temporary. Do not worry, keep counting your blessings and give Him thanks, He will come through for you at His time and everything will be beautiful for you for ALL THINGS ARE WORKING TOGETHER FOR YOUR GOOD….! He is faithful and not a man that can lie! It’s from glory to glory…(His promises…and they are Yea and Amen)!
So join me , let’s praise Him not even for what He has done alone but for who HE ¬†is! He’s ¬†a good God all the same! Be joyful and have ¬†a grateful heart ¬†always even in the little things!
God bless you and have a P-W-E-E-T-T-Y week!


Prophet o fur time

Good morning Pweetty! Yes it ‘s a brand new week and great things will happen for you! Hope you believe it? Say a big Amen!You know you have what you say.
Our words have so much power! Yes, that’s why we should be careful about what we say! So today I am reminding us that we are our own prophets! Oh yes, you say great things into your life and it shall be! Why do you think parents bless their children? ,or people bless others with words? Oh yes, we carry so much power in our tongue!



Asset me

Good morning Pweetty, ! Gud to have you here again.
What a great asset you are to God! Oh yes you are! ..but you know what? You have to ensure that you are increasing and appreciating in value continually! That’s God intention for you! You have all it takes so move forward!
Refuse to see through your senses; see the way God sees you! Take only what God tells you, not what you see. You are greatly graced and favoured by God so the best is yours! Remove “CAN’T” from your vocabulary.
Remember,great men see great things , so don’t be caught talking man’s talk even in trying times. i.e., fear, misery , doubts etc. Talk God’s talk! It propels you in the right direction. So, See Positives, GREAT ASSET!!
Have a great week!



NEW GOD HANDSHey Pweetty, trust your past week was great! I am excited in my spirit to share this with you!
It’s just about forty-five more days to the end of the year! You know what? Anything is still POSSIBLE! Keep those dreams positive. Are you afraid, sad, heavily burdened, betrayed? Do you feel hopeless, dejected?? Please DON’T! Wipe those tears!!! The owner of the universe, Our God and Father, is with you! He knows you by name, and promised to give you a desired future. Hold on a little while, the sun must shine on your face again SOON! That situation is not forever! it ‘s got an expiry date!!
Have a blessed week!








Set no Limits!

Hey Pweetty, how was your past week? Did you win? Great! Great!! Please share , will like to hear from you!

Its Monday Motivation again…! Here are the nuggets for your great week ahead! I am also involved to make them mine!

#setnolimits #throwofflimitations #ignoresetbacks #nocomplaints #expandyourhorizon  #forgeahead #makeimpact

ALWAYS remember that the transactions of victory, are done by faith! God sure visits you at your level of faith, and can do in you and for you, more than you can ask or imagine! So let’s go….!


Have a victorious week and please do not forget to share your stories of victory.I will be all ears!! Lotta love.


Great destiny

Good morning Pweetty! Welcome to a great new week.

Do you know that you have a great destiny? Yea, sure you do! It doesn’t matter what your foundation or background is, the family you were born into,what people have said concerning you or experiences of life especially your so-called bad ones. Relax, they do not matter! What matters is what God has said concerning you! That is to say , you can re-set your destiny once you are in God! Yes, a thousand times!!

Those circumstances including the unpleasant ones, were to perfect you to that mature you, where you are fully ready for what God has in stock for you. They are processing times of your life! So don’t be frustrated, afraid of failure etc. God’s backing is all you need and He has promised to be with you till the end of age!

What has He told you that you think is not coming to pass? Trust Him and hold unto His words; He cannot lie! It will come to pass .What has He shown you to do? Don’t fear, do! Stop procrastinating. Don’t ever think that because some things didn’t happen or are not going the way you thought,means He lied to you or you are a failure! No , you are not. They might all be part of your great destiny, playing! He’s maturing you for the bigger picture!

Let go off things that so easily pull you back and persevere on things that bring Him glory! Always inquire of Him for what to do at any point and He will show you!

Be in Him. Hold him tight. Do not let go.

Have  a great week ahead!


Hey my lovelies, its a brand new week! Hope you are all doing great!
What’s that dream in your heart? What has God told you? The answer is, ‘Stay on course’! Stay your mind on it,it will come to pass. See it come to pass and work towards it. Never you devalue yourself just to be valued by men! ¬†What God says concerning you is what matters.
Have a great week!

MONDAY MOTIVATION;You are of High Value!

Red Roses@2

Hey U,

How was your week? Hope you had ¬†a good weekend! You know what? You are of high value! …created by God , full of His glory to enjoy His fullness here on earth! Awesome!!

If you have been seeing yourself as less, its time to square up your shoulders and know who you are! It doesn’t matter what ¬†your present circumstance is nor what men have branded you.

Wipe your tears and move on. What matters is what God says you are! ..HIGH VALUE!…”behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not,neither do they reap…yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are ye not much better than they?” (Matt 6: 26) Again ¬†consider the lilies of the field how they grow …they toil not, neither do they spin yet God takes care of them… You are of much value than they! Wow!!!
So I bring you Red Roses today to show you how much you are loved! Believe in yourself and walk tall! God has marked you priceless and of high value and that’s who you are, full of His glory! Walk in this consciousness and before you know it, everything else around you will succumb to this glory, and you will sooo shine!

Have a p-w-e-e-t-t-y great week!

Love u loads !!


achieveHey Pweetty, happy new week!  Trust you are having a glorious day ! You should!!

You really can achieve all you want in life! It starts from your mind. How do you see life? Despite the challenges whatsoever or the few bad days, you still can. Yes you can! They are lying vanities; don’t observe them. No one can stop you but you!

“Be proactive; Begin with the end in mind; Put first things first; Think win win; Seek first to understand and then to be understood; Synergize and Sharpen the saw…” Stephen R. Covey

Have  a picture of what you want to achieve.

  • Think it.
  • See it.
  • and then , ¬†Achieve it! ¬†

Make it happen cos you have all it takes with God on your side! This week erase fear  from your life and your results will be countless!  Go and win!.

Have a p-w-e-e-t-t-y week !!

Life is beautiful



beautiful things

In life we are bound to face challenges, but you know what? Those challenges are just temporary. Life is still¬†soo¬†beautiful! You make your life what you want it to be ¬†by your words! Yes there’s power in your spoken words!

What are you saying or what have you spoken? Remember , death and life are in the power of the tongue! The tongue is one of the smallest parts of our body but it’s actually the greatest! What you say with your mouth is important! Speak the right words in any situation. Don’t be moved by what you see but by what the word of God says about that situation! Its only temporary and if you stay on those positive words long enough, your life will definitely go in that direction!

Enjoy your life! God has given it to us and its such a BEAUTIFUL LIFE!  Have a glorious day! Lotta love!

Monday Motivation


Do you have some ‘so called huge challenges’? Are you a child of God? If you are,then that’s a mirage cos He’s more than able to handle every desire that may come your way! You are qualified to enjoy every of God’s good and perfect gifts! By the way there’s no huge challenge with Him; just temporary walls.

So empty yourself in praises to Him and you will see those walls come down flat no matter how tall they are!

Praise is a sacrifice! …whether you feel like or not, just praise! God delights in our praises! Fill your mouth with it today and no matter what the challenge is, it will melt cos its just a mirage!…Ebele Akora

Ponder on this and have  a lovely day!