Rock same dress with these two shoes.
The first is pink ankle sandals and second, nude wedges.

1. The pink sandals give a more serious look perhaps to a hawt function , whilst the nude wedges as casuals, give some relaxed casual look.

2 If you have similar multifloral dress like the one here, you can as well pick another colour in the dress like the green in this and match with some green shoes. Your hand bag in this case shpuld be another colour eg black so you don’t have too many colours competing smong themselves.

What do you think? A penny for your thoughts though…😁👊🏻🤗😘
*** All items here in stock @ Jembel.

#styleconsultancy #jembeldress #jembelshoes


 Achieve a corporate /formal and non formal look with just same dress but different shoes.

1. For a perfect formal look, rock the blue dress with the black shoes. The two are perfect for a formal look.
If you have same colours in your wardrobe, try them on and send us pics.😁

2. At the close of biz, switch to the red sandals or the nude platform sandals for that party. Not forgetting your handbag. Hmmmn… quite chicy! A bit of necklace will do…something just dainty and not big, preferably in gold and silver colours to play safe depending on the shoes you choose.

Other colours of shoes you could try are pink, mustard and white.

All items in stock @ Jembel. Call us or pay a visit. Website:

Delivery: Nationwide
Dress: Ralph Lauren


Style on point!!!👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻🎀
Start by studding your black capri pants & the white deaigned top with an open toe nude balanced pumps like the ones here for a more sophisticated serious look. Heels give your capri pants a super studded chic look pweetties.
Notice the colours. Nude is always right and rocked with any dark colour, always projects the colours it works with and makes sense!

Dress your capris down for some pizza and ice cream or a walk /drive to the cinema for a movie on wedges like the one shown above .!
*Kriss cross sandals too are a bunch you should embrace while rocking your capris.
* Heeled slippers as well, on point!💪👍👍👍
They make so much fashion sense!
**All items in stock @ Jembel. Call or pay a visit. Delivery, nationwide.
#styleconsultancy #jembelshoes #jembelbottoms #jembeltops


Did you know? …. Oh yea! Sure you can turn your simple outfits to gorgeous ones. We got just a yellow top, clutch, and a pair of platform sandals. They look so normal but think of adding a touch…
With our Aviva costume jewelry , you can stop every show in those and step out in real style ! Perfect for a day out that means a lot to you.
Aviva’s Lux Fringe Earrrings” and “Masquerade Ring” will do your outfit a great magic! Give a trial? Let’s go!
Shop them directly  from our E- boutique @ or call us @ Jembel! You are sure to get them delivered to you in one piece!
Step out in style!

Your Dress, Your feminity!!!

Every woman is ‘pweetty’ in a dress- long or short , midi or maxi from Jembel😎 Get one from Jembel! We got all yummy sorts and all about U!!😘😘😘👊👍!!! Have fun exploring our IG page, fcbk page (Jembel International) or visit our website @
Quick link to dresses:
Call us too or watsapp. …it’s still all about U!😘😘😘


Feel free to visit our showroom too anyday from Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm

Saturdays: 11am to 5pm


About yesterday…..Had my manual facials done!👊 A great way to start the month!!! Thanks @btilagos (Beauty Therapy Institute) and @clinictheaesthetic, Clinic the aesthetic ….

My pweetty ladies, we all should do this often and get rid of the unwanted! Yelz, Your pweetty self isn’t complete with a dull face. Achieve this not just with heavily coated foundation or concealers (which are still good, if you use the right ones,) but also with what you eat. Pamper your face! You ve got only one!😂😍

Continue reading PAMPER YOUR FACE!


Pix 1… Red top +Capri Pants + Black shoes = JEMBEL

Pix 2….Yellow top + Capri Pants  + Black shoes = JEMBEL

…Same Monochrome pants, different colours of tops!
A lot of times, we are saddled with how to rock our monochrome pieces. Enough of the usual black top or white! Yea, try different colours like purple, lemon, pink , turquoise etc and you will be on point! More so,the Monochromes come alive and not boring when you try other colours! They give enough room to explore. Mix and match them and you will be dazed!
In need of Monochrome bottoms or colourful tops? We can help! Please call us today or visit
We tried these looks and we couldn’t help dancing! We bet ,you wouldn’t too! *winks*


 Would you rather go with red or yellow? Truth is both are hawt!

Key: Go on explore! Mix and match and send us pictures! See ya but stay p-w-e-e-t-t-y!!!



Its Friday Pweetties and TGIF! Ohhh lalala!
Start off with giving your face a lift and the treat it deserves with Oriflame’s perfect extreme long lasting matte foundation and shine free powder! Your face truly deserves the best. Guess what? They set you in the mood for the weekend! *winks*
Create a floral fruity aura and quality with Oriflame’s range of Giordani fragrances! For this  weekend, we have chosen Giordani gold and Miss Giordani, for a sheer glamourous weekend!
Miss Giordani is just perfect for the woman with pure happiness! Have a look!

Giordanni Gold!

….and yes with its rich heart of orange blossom that radiates throughout the day, this iconic eau de parfum truly captures the passion and vitality of the Giordani Gold woman! Get them all at JEMBEL! Call us!!!
Till my next post, have a pweetty weekend!




Welcome to MARCH!…March forward! Set new goals and refuse negatives!

If I were you, I would set my crush completely on GOD Almighty first, and then Jembel…Wardrobe Plus, Oriflame Cosmetics (Consultant Ebele Akora), and Aviva Jewelry..Stylist Ebele Akora! hehehehe!!…

In March, and always, JEMBEL and Ebele Akora, consult free of charge! So hop on let’s have a pweetty ride this month, cos ” Every woman is pweetty in our world!” …All things bright and beautiful!!!!


Hey , we are here again for part two!
#1- Off shoulder dresses or tops


Its neater to rock them without a neck piece if you don’t have the right one, but if you must, choker or collar necklaces are advisable. Have a look:
This is absolutely perfect! Remember, to be on the safe side, go without a neckpiece if your choker or collar type isn’t handy! *winks*
#2- Cowl neck types
Cowl neck dresses or tops , are already busy towards the chest area so you need not make more noise there, rather create more emphasis on your ears. Key here , is to enhance the more bare areas . Yea, rock with statement earrings like the one below!


What do you think? Awesome! We would be glad to hear from you Pweetty.
As always, there’s something for every style of dress or top you choose to rock @ Aviva Jewelry! Choose your specs from Ebele Akora’s E- Boutique  @ and we get them delivered to your doorstep!
Part 3 to be continued next week!
Stay P-w-e-e-t-t-y!






How do you wear your jewelry? Do you know you can boost your outfit with just a piece of jewelry? Sure! Check these out!
Pix 1: Turtle neck tops / dresses


Your turtle neck top , comes out better if worn with a long pendant.
Pix 2: Scoop Necked tops / dresses


Scoop necked clothes go better with shorter necklaces with volumes. Those kind of necklaces are the best to rock with such outfits.
Pix 3: Crew necklines


Here is where the the bib or collar necklace come into play!
Try rocking your outfits this way, and you are sure to make a fashion statement and get compliments.
To be continued! Have a pweetty week.


All types of necklaces displayed are in stock @ Jembel! You can shop online from our E- Boutique http://www.shopaviva/ID/323812

Pweetty from head to toe @ Jembel!


Pweetty indeed …from head to toe from JEMBEL!
We started our year spiced up with this!…What do you think? *winks* Make up your mind to take very good care of yourself always! You are a woman, and a pweetty one at that!
Remember , ”every woman is pweetty in Jembel”.. whatever the shape , size or height! We pledge to help you out at no extra cost!
Stay in touch with!!!






Yippeee! Boot legs are back!!! Who says they ain’t trendy?? A million times yes!… and not just only as casuals , but for more serious outings! You have a look for yourself.
#1 Go for your perfect size. Don’t ever manage just any SIZE! Its a fashion blunder. Truth is you look your best in your perfect size. Remember, ”every woman is pweetty …so far she goes for the right clothing and in the right size…”!
#2 Think of the purpose for the Jeans and decide. Casual or serious? For casuals, a whole lot can be used. From the normal T-shirts , sleeveless tops to off shoulder tops, while to achieve some serious looks, you gotta tuck in your top.


#3 Finish up with a good belt and pair of shoes, and off you go!*winks*




For more boot cut Jeans , please visit



Boot Cut jeans- From Jembel

Shoes- From Jembel




img_20161106_091019_edit-2 picmix-51-781_edit

For us in Jembel, Black is Power and White, Purity! You can do a whole lot with the duo. First understand the power of black , and second , the emphasis white can do on your black!
Have a look!


You can practically use all colours to rock your black and white, ranging from green, purple, pink, royal blue etc. Interesting! It all depends on your mood and what you want to achieve. We rocked ours  with red and nude! We threw more light to the creamy lacy top by adding a bright red inner. If you decide to rock it singly, that will be fine but for more super chic and contrasted look, we used a red camisole underneath to reveal a more glamorous look!


Also, we threw in some lil reds here and there like the red bangle and the bag. What do you think? I loooove it!!!! *winks*
For the shoes, nude coloured shoes were chosen cos we wanted to achieve a closer colour to the creamy top, whilst contrasting as well. Bear with us please; WE LOVE PLAYING WITH COLOURS ! *winks*  You can as well rock any other shoe colour, out of the colours listed earlier above, and you will still be on point.Try it and send us pictures!
Super chic tops:
Glamorous skirts/pants:
Lipsticks (Oriflame):
Bag: (under-going re-construction)


Shoes, weaves, top, skirt, Giordani Oriflame lipstick, The One eye shadow, The One eye liner, and bag – From Jembel!




Hey U, how do you look today? I just can’t stop asking. You know why of course?….Every woman is pweetty , especially @ Jembel! *winks* Ask around. No woman comes to us and leaves the same! Today we will be sharing on some essential extras, that boost your style, causing a total lift!
Some essentials we will discuss here are: handbag, perfect hair style/ weaves, jacket/cardigan, and your smile of course!  *winks* Have a look at our Diva!
Every lady MUST have a handbag for starters! Yes most people opt for black first if asked to choose. Well that s fine, but still regular. Red is a MUST too any day! It has a way of brightening up your total outlook.
Second point – The hair she’s also wearing, is appropriate for her face . Bangs / fringe actually give /gives a gorgeous look!IMG-20160821-WA023 (1)
Thirdly – Did you also notice the jacket that hung loosely on her body? That’s a plus too. Jackets always add colour .Try cardigans too . They do the work as well. Have one or two in your wardrobe; they come in handy.
Fourthly- A pair of sunglasses. I will say yes to it if you don’t mind. At least one! See what it did to our Diva’s look below!
Finally- Don’t forget to always wear a smile! Smile is fashionable.
Take pictures and send to us.

IMG-20160824-WA012 (1)




Your face is one of the most important parts of your body. Reason? Yea it is about the first part that is very visible to the public.
When your face is seen, it can easily be detected if its being properly taken care of or not. Hence its imperative we take care of our face.
Several factors are responsible for this ranging from laziness on our part to follow the laid down routine to laying hands on the adequate product for our face! Search no further!
Its purely organic and easily blends with every skin type! Check it out!….
Novage set
Novage set
Each set contains Cleanser, toner , eye cream, day cream, night cream and brightening multi action cream. All readily available at Jembel!


#Cleanse and tone

Novage brightening Cleanser NGN 3,490

Novage Brightening Toner NGN 3,490

#Boost with the serum
#Moisturize with Novage Day and Night creams

 To shop these products and more by Oriflame Cosmetics, please  visit and shop from



Hey! It’s throw back Thursday and guess what? Our super fit baby, it’s still in stock! It’s got a sheer glam style and fit! Ask our Divas, spotted in the yellow and white colors! It’s super chic! The fabric is so unique and comfy with 100 percent easy fit and care!


  • Perfect for your cocktails
  • formal events
  • get togethers etc.

Only teal color left!

Shop @


Super Chic Styles!

Hey ,have you ever thought about rocking your jackets different ways other than the usual ways eg with black pants?*winks*
Well Yes, good news is that you can rock them different ways to get an exceptional look! Have  a look!
With the monochrome jacket, you can attempt matching with your red pants and you will look super chic! Your shoes can still be black and you are on point!

jacket and red pants collage 2

Pix 2- Stripped monochrome jacket with orange or yellow pants huh?? Yeah! ABSOLUTELY. See what we have here. Would you try? Dare it please. It kinda looks different and i love it.

jacket red and yellow pants

Now what do you think? DIFFERENT AND SUPER CHIC …if you ask me! *winks*
Play around with your colours and you will be amazed at what you will get. All jackets and pants in the pictures are all from Jembel.
For more tops please visit and

ebele yellow jacket collage

There’s no end to being trendy! ROCK ON!!!



Pix 1-

Dress- Purple sleeveless dress with a belt to match by Alex Marie

Shoes- Purple platform heely sandals by Office London; Nude Pointies with drapes by Steve Madden

purple dress

The point here is pairing your outfits well.  Have you ever thought of rocking your dress with same colour of shoes?? Yeah!  Not weird at all! In fact its super glamorous so far you accessorize well!
For this purple out fit we used here for example, its a lighter shade while the shoes are darker shade of the same purple family.Yes ,you can actually rock the purple dress with the purple sandals  and accessorize with other colours of clutch bags and ear rings in silver colour or champagne . If you choose the nude pointies, the pair is also perfect. Black or gold clutch /handbags, purple and silver ear rings too, ain’t out of place here as well. Then try stepping out when you are done, and YOU ARE A SHOW STOPPER! *winks*
Pix 2-
-Black mini dress by Sharagano
-Black suede shoes by Woolworths
-Black wedge sandals by Atmosphere


With this collection, everything you need for that super chic look ; be it casual or otherwise is guaranteed! Now let’s dissect what we’ve got here.
For that gorgeous formal look, Sharagano dress will do the magic while you step those well pampered feet  inside the gorgeous beauty by Woolworths! Trust me, those are quite comfy and pweetty.
For a quick transformation from formal to casual,  change your black pointies to the wedges by Atmosphere and you will sure be on point. This gives you a privilege to wear one dress in two different ways. Same with Pix 1.

Whatever your style, size and colour, we ‘ve got your back at Jembel! Come on and visit and the rest is history!!

the style that gets u noticed


Mix and Match!

nkoli white collage!

Hey my Pweetties, you know you can add colour to your clothes? Oh sure you can. In this era of colour blocking, dare to just try hun!
Introduce new colours to your dressing. For example, our Diva spotted above, had to bring in royal blue into her sparkling white outfit. See what it turned into! Don’t stop at blue, you can also use, yellow, green, red, purple /lilac etc. It makes your look more interesting. Try contrasting! Its awesome.
You can actually button up the white jacket, but she decided to used a brooch instead and let loose the buttons! Amazing isn’t it? It gave it another look. Wow!!!
Nkoli white collage 2 Nkoli single white jacket
Even the blue belt to match, added more colour! The power of accessorizing!! So you see, you need to boost your dressing; Jembel can help ALWAYS! You are Pweetty.

Nkoli white collage 3

Here is the list of all she used (apart from the pants and ear rings);


Weaves- Russian Bounce weaves..From Jembel>>

White jacket- white three quarts jacket ..From Jembel >>

Shoes- Nude Pointies by Rue 21 etc …From Jembel >>

Blue belt- Royal blue Versace belt …From Jembel >>

nkoli white collage!

DRESS WELL It pays!!!


Hey parents, Do U have a favourite (s) among ur children? Please don’t do it! It’s a killer. It sparks up strife amongst your kids, and creates unfavourable environment for the ‘less favorite’ ones to thrive especially if he /or she is aware he /she is the less favourite one! Amongst other evils it breeds are, low self esteem on that child , bitterness ,envy, early frustration in life and more so, hatred for both the other siblings that seem to be the most favoured ones and the parent(s) involved!
Trust me, you won’t want to see what that child turns into in future and even what your life and home as a parent will turn into. The Bible says, get wisdom, in all thine getting, get understanding! we need wisdom to handle our kids. Wisdom i sthe principal thing.It can be tempting i know( am a parent), but you see, we need to love our kids equally for our own good Cos most of the time, what kids turn out to be in life, depends on his /her foundation! E.g when a kids gets enough love from home, watch out for that child! There won’t be any cause for low self- esteem, frustration etc.This is so important.
Like bishop T.D. Jakes would say,(paraphrased) ”Its not what you leave for your kids eg assets after you are gone that is key , but what you leave inside them”…the love! Moreso, hey, don’t compare your child with any other! Every child is unique in his /her way.He /she MUST NOT be like child A or B: especially belittling him/her before his/her younger ones! another is our words on our kids.Don’t abuse you child please parents. use the right words on them.Words are important! Death and life are in the power of the tongue.NO, please don’t do this! By doing so, you are creating an avenue for that child to be belittled or shown little or no respect by her younger folks thereby taking for granted! This is terrible believe me! I have seen many like that.
Let’s be wise parents and treat our kids equally no matter what they do to us or the circumstances surrounding their births! Remember they didn’t force themselves to this world.We gave birth to them and owe them extravagant love and solid foundation as much as we can and leave the rest for God.It is our responsibility! God does , so how much more we? He that lacks wisdom should ask from God, the giver of all wisdom to help raise your kids the right way! We will be happier when we do and our homes peaceful. Even when we are gone, the kids will grow in unity and transfer same equal love to their next generation. Hence creating a better world! Don’t show favoritism among your kids! Its terrible…a killer!! IT IS WELL WITH US!

Style Consultancy for No Charges!

Style consultant 2

Hey Pweetty, here is something new and so sweet!!!
WE CAN STYLE YOU FOR FREE AT JEMBEL!!! Yea, ‘cos we are aware that a number of our clients have challenges with ‘how best to wear their outfits’ and ‘what to wear for a particular occasion’, we decided to do this!  A number of times, you have lovely outfits but no clue to how best to wear and match them properly! That time is gone Pweetty ‘cos we are here now to help hun.
You deserve to look pweetty and stunning always so why not? hahaha! So please feel free to contact us on 08033773867 or send us an email via and we would gladly help! You are special and we love you greatly!!! Have a lovely weekend!

Jembel Spotted!

big and small jembelHahahahahaha!!!  Surprised? Nah, don’t be! Oh yes that was small Jembel @ three years old and the Senior Jembel in her 30’s!  God has been faithful! Its throw back throwback Thursday and i wanted to share! Hope I made your day!! Lol!
Really don’t despise the days of lil beginnings! Trust Him with your life and make the most of it! jembel loves uuu!
#liljembel #seniorjembel #jembel


Thank u all 2

Yippee!!! Its just a few days to the end of 2015! What can we say?…Has God been so faithful? Oh yes! He has.We truly give God all the praise! Yes there were challenges, trials, walls etc but we won ”BIGG” after all, by the power of God and His mercies! ALL PRAISES TO YOU MY GOD!
Yes, we truly made significant progress! …Took giant strides, added new lines, made tremendous effective changes that pushed us forward! You guys were awesome! Thank you DIVAS…JEMBEL AMBASSADORS, for standing by our side these past 12 months and more with your huge patronage! We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this milestone without you! Tears of joy fill my heart as i write. THANK U A MILLION TIMES!
We were unable to upload all your pics here cos you are numerous and couldn’t receive all your pics before now, but hey, we know you and you know we do! *winks* Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks!!! The few we got, represent you all! We truly appreciate you! We will do more in the coming year with God on our side!
We also appreciate all who supported us in diverse ways…encouragement, suggestions, positive criticism etc which spurred us on! THANK YOU. We are specially grateful to our IT and PR Pro, ..our one and only Joy Ezeka! You are one in a million! May God bless you richly. Jembel loves you for your time and hard work in bringing Jembel this far! Your creative ability, has no match!! We will go places together Joy, and do great things!  Thank you Diva! To our numerous clients, fans, supporters (directly and indirectly) , thank you a million ! You guys rock big time!
 2016 is a greater and more fulfilled year for us all, in Jesus name, Amen! GOD BLESS YOU!



Hey Pweetty, how you wear what you wear, matters! Never mind if you have ‘so called simple’ outfits! You can transform them into mind blowing outfits depending on the occasion. In fact, the simpler, the better. I like them simple myself but you know what?… How you wear them , matters!
Have a look at our pix above! It is just a simple black and white patterned jumpsuit. The Diva rocked it with a bold black belt, still giving it a plus!
Please have  a look again.

nkoli new collage jumsuit

Now what do you think? hahaha! It’s a super wow for me!…
Yea, ‘SAME OUTFIT, ANOTHER GORGEOUS LOOK’! So you see, there’s no end to your creative ways your outfit can be worn! Just that jacket, belt or even a pair of shoes, can change your outfit and make you super ‘hawt’!
Stay connected to Jembel, we promise to continually provide you with top-notch accessories , shoes, dresses ,tops, bottoms, bags and every little piece that can make you stand out from the crowd! Visit for more.
Lotta love!!!

#Jumpsuit … Jembel


Black friday new 1

Hiya Pweetty, Have u been wishing , “..if only Jembel could reduce her prices” …. hahaha! Well your wish has come true! FRIDAY IS THE DAY!!!  Yes, Friday, 27th November 2015 is our Black Friday Sales and you have a chance Pweetty woman!…up to 50% off all items for 24 hours! Wow!!! This is huge , trust me as all items are top notch! *winks*

This means that you can get our gorgeous shoes from 6.5k , tops 2.7k, all bottoms @ 4k  etc. and even 20% off all new new arrivals!!! Ain’t we generous? Now, u better get ready cos its for the fastest legs and the price slash lasts for only one day! hahaha!

We are going to paint Friday red and black @ Jembel!!! Don’t miss out! Please visit to view all items in stock or our showroom!

Jembel..wardrobe plus,….where everywoman is PWEETTY! 


FAB AT 50!

Hey Pweetty, have you ever thought of what you eat? Did you know you are a product of what you eat?
Thank God for divine health but you know, if you have been careless with what you eat, make a u-turn and start afresh TODAY! You can still look  FAB @ 50 and beyond!
Have a look!

nneji double

Could you believe she just clocked 50? Wow!! I got closer to get her secret  and I got! *winks* She watches what she eats and drinks lots of water!…..and of course, laughs and plays a lot! (very important) That’s all!!…
nneji 10nneji 4


nneji 2

Nneji 1

nneji @ 50

Wow! She can pass for a young model any day!!! *winks* Are you motivated unto good works?  Remember attitude is everything!
Tips :







IMG-20151025-WA000 (1)

nneji pre 4

Congratulations and fifty hearty cheers Nneji Ugboh! Many more beautiful and fruitful years ahead! Thank you for inspiring us! God bless you. HUGS!!



omotola in red

elegant rita  dd

nkoli red dress evening scarfless

geegy in red

genevive in red

Hey Pweetty,

What can you see? I SEE HAWTNESS ….1000 watts!!! hahaha! This is what i call R-E-G-A-L! They are absolutely, pweetty! Ain’t they?
Have you invested in red dresses yet? Please do. Have a look at the pweetty ladies I ve got here…what’s in common? RED POWER!  Red signifies love, warmth, flames (which we can call our own day ‘hawt’) You name more.. *winks*!
You can never be hidden in  a red dress. It’s a strong wardrobe essential colour I recommend. Be it short, long , midi, please flaunt it.


Just get your size, good matching shoes, (Jembel can help though), clutch bag, accessorize not forgetting your facial make-up and your hair and there you go! Some super matching colours used here are red, gold, black, nude, cream and grey, but the list is endless! You could try other ‘off colours’ e.g coral blue ,green etc and they will still come out nice.
Have a look!
 iniedo red dress

shoe for post march

You could rock it short or long, in native way or English, …however! One thing is sure , you can’t be unnoticed!
Be it for red carpet events, dinner, traditional / native ceremonies, aso- ebi, red colour sure rocks! NHN Couture  and Nkoli displayed some tips …

nhn in red 3

nkolis red ova dress

back nkoli native 3

You see what I mean?? Can we now have a red parry? *winks* hahaha!  Let’s see what you ‘ve got. Please do and send me pictures ! l loooove pictures and pweetty things!
Lotta love!!!

***Michael Anthonio grey shoes by Jembel . Shop more red dresses @ 

The Unspoken power of good dressing

Hey Pweetty,

We at Jembel always say..”show me your shoes and I tell u how gorgeous u are”… hehehe!! True or false?

perfect one

Yea! Absolutely, your shoes enhance your total outlook! Believe me, no matter how expensive your clothes are, without the right shoes, its gonna look poor. We advise that each time you dress up and those ‘ pweetty’ legs of yours would show; whether in dresses, shorts, pants and skirts, get’em to stare!! Yeah!

Heels give your dresses, pants etc a plus no matter what their prices are.

Have a look!

best seller best sellerhands up aug 25th

This Diva nailed it just in the bud! Watcha think? With this outlook she’ s got, everyone must stare! Hahaha! ..”whoever invented heels should be given an award”…  Marilyn Monroe *winks* ….


  1. Belt gave her a chicy look and  her waist slimmer and trendy.(A plus ladies..try that to your simple dress . U will be amazed)

  2. Though the dress looked ‘just there’, the heels gave it a lift!

  3. In the last picture, she could fling her jacket off and she is ready for that dinner date or outing after work, still looking classy! You feeling me ladies?

  4. Lastly, her smile is worth a million bucks!  Don’t forget to wear a smile ALWAYS , Ladies! Ur dressing ain’t complete without a good smile! *winks* It sums up your outlook!style redefined

Dress by Jembel; Shoes by Jembel

Catch ya some other time!!  Keep being  ‘pweetty’ !Kisses and hugs!






Healthy Living

Pweetty woman, please read this and share your experiences and thoughts! 



“One of the greatest gifts a mother can give herself and her child is breastfeeding! It fosters a strong bond!… Apart from the colostrum i.e the first type of milk that flows immediately after birth, the mature breast milk still contains antibodies that help ward off sickness and diseases! It also helps your uterus contract back to its pre-pregnancy size …”Remi Makanjuola

Our beauty as women does not just end in adornment of our bodies, hawt shoes and accessorizing; it encompasses a whole lot such as raising kids (i.e if you want to have ), managing a home, working at optimal level in your career, growing your business etc. We will discuss breastfeeding today though *winks*.

Weird? Naah! True?? Yes!!… a million times! Are you pregnant, or planning to get married and have babbies? You need to add this to your ‘beauty tips’ *winks* hahahaha! Yes beauty tips especially for all ye lovers of flat tummy’! hahahaha!!

Breastfeeding like the experts say is the best form of milk a baby requires especially at the initial stage! For me as a Mum,  am a witness! I did breastfeeding for all my kids. Yea exclusive type at that ! *winks* Lots of hard work right? Oh yea, absolutely! No disputing that but can tell you that the result cannot be overemphasized! Practice the type that works for you. T’wasn’t easy for me at that time, but worth it after all.

If you are a carreer Mum, don’t be too hard on yourself, there are ways around it e.g. expressing and freezing. *winks* You sure need to give your babbies the best, for a good start. It pays off! Prove me.

Beauty in Challenges!

”Never say you are tired when you are faced with a challenge. When you are tired , you might be pushed to give up. Find a way around it! ALWAYS DO. Remember your vision. Its just another road block and when you come up with a solution, you are one step to becoming awesomely good at managing that project / vision!”…. JOY EZEKA

Spice up your wardrobe, add new colours, enhance your appearance and in all ”thine” getting, GET P-W-E-E-T-T-Y!!


Happy New Year Everyone!

Its 2015! Glory to God Almighty that we made it. By God’s unlimited grace, we are going to do bigg things and see the end!

Did you make New year resolutions? Have you started following them? Anyways, take them one after the other and ask God for help.For most people its a year of Transformation…For me its a year of TRIUMPH specially! Yippee!!

Think of ways of doing things differently. Here are a few tips from us:

Introduce new trendy styles in your wardrobe. Get rid of any boring stuff in there! (Sshhh ! call me for help if you need one! *winks*) Its all about looking and staying chic ok. Brighten your outlook. Dress right. Wear your clothes,hair and shoes properly . You are what you wear and first impression matters!

Be positive always. Avoid negative friends that are pessimistic or stuff that will bring you down.This helps you with your outlook.

Believe in yourself and dream big. Remember all things are possible. Just trust God and work hard. Set your heart on your goals and keep trusting God. Be inspired! Your goals are achievable.

Take care of yourself and mind what you eat. Eat healthy and drink lots of water to keep fresh.Learn how to relax and laugh more this year.It reduces stress and early wrinkles.*winks*

Make moves: good strong moves of determination and don’t just be idle! Whatever makes you happy, do!; so far its morally right and decent.

HAVE A FULFILLED AND TRIUMPHANT 2015!! We love U. Hugs and teddy bears!!!

Facial Make – Up

Hey Pweetty Woman,

Compliments of the season! Good tidings from Jembel! *winks*

I am so sure you are having a blast but hope looking SUPER CHIC too! Don’t be caught otherwise. Yeah , you need to; every woman should. Remember every woman is pweetty because all you need is the right clothing, in the right size and at the right price! Lol!

Let me give you a lil secret about your facial make-up. You want to hear it? *winks*

Some folks say they don’t like make –up. “It makes me look old”……blablabla! To this I say No, a thousand times! Worn in the right proportion and with the right tone and shades, your beauty is enhanced. Invest in a good Make-Up artiste and get a transformed you.Thank God for D.I.Y.(Do It Yourself) yeah, but ladies, you need to be taught the gimmicks first. I recommend JAGABEAUTY!

Have a look at my face.

Ebele-Akora-CEO-VisionYou like it? You ‘ve got to pay for liking !! hahahaha!! All that magic was by Jagabeauty! She just knows how to nail it; ‘transforming you to a full blown butterfly’, she says! Hahaha!

 A lot went in there to get that ‘’magic image’’. So brace it and try it! Do not forget to send me pictures.*winks* Have fun and keep being P-W-E-E-T-T-Y!

Dress by Jembel

-Accessories  by Jembel

-Weave  by Jembel (Double drawn bouncy tips)