When DINNER is all you got!

Hey classic styles get me on my feet, especially when they are from Jembel’s wardrobe. Don’t blame me too much Pweetties! Life is simply beautiful, learn to enjoy it.
Now back to your wardrobe, you got a dinner, there are a few checks:
– your look
– kind of dinner( for one or two or several )
– your comfy
Yea when these are in please, your dinner turn out, is made easy. It makes it easy for your choice of outfit and total look. I personally try to look different on any dinner party or event I got. No look or dress is ever the same. You should try that too. For me, it makes it more fun… from my hair to my nail polish, should be different at any dinner.
Maxi dresses never get out of place. Having to hold one part in my hands while the rest flow behind me, makes me feel regal. How about you. Get this feel sometimes would you?

Have a look at our Diva here:

Her choice of having her hair all up was a brilliant idea, hence the total embroidery and ambiance of the gorgeous maxi dress was well noticed. Now that is important.

Your shoes, too, very important! Wrong match, wrong outlook. So give it your best from pointies to sandals or mules. We always have your back and give 100% style consultancy free!
So when next you got a dinner, would you give it your best shot? Berra do. We are here always for you.


Model- Jembel’s client

Dress – Jembel Wardrobe

Shoes – Jembel wardrobe



Pix 1: Jumpsuit from Jembel >>> jembel.com/shop/shop-bottoms

Pix 2: Shoes ¬†from Jembel…>>>jembel.com/shop/shop-shoes

Pix 3; Top and shoes from Jembel >>> jembel.com/shop/shop-tops

What do you think? …ON POINT!!! We love our Diva! Perfect weekend looks! You want the likes? Visit http://www.jembel.com and get featured next! *winks* Rock on! #weekendlooks #TGIF #pweetty





What do you think? Seriously, ” every purchase will get you noticed @ Jembel”… just like our Diva!

Key points;

Go for your size!..Never manage the wrong size.

Be adventurous.

Try something new but one new colour at a time , if you aint that bold with colours.

Work on your self esteem and walk tall! You are a pweetty woman!

Wear a smile always!

***Shoes and Pants – Jembel

Visit us today and always and for the rest of your life! You will be pweettier if you do! *winks*






Woow! Classic pants have a lot to say in your outlook! Invest in them. The beautiful thing is that you can contrast them in ways that are soo glam with trendy tops, even without jackets or blazers!
Have a look!
Pweetty right! Our Diva got spotted and we couldn’t help but share!
Both pants are from Jembel and we stood out as usual! Our Diva chose a pencil fitted and a boot cut kind for her second look. All in stock @ Jembel! GET SPOTTED NEXT!

Quick link:

Pants- jembel.com/shop/shop-bottoms

Tops- jembel.com/shop/shop-tops











Ever thought of what your shorts lying ‘fallow” in your wardrobe could do? Oh yea, a whole lot in keeping you trendy! Hmmmn, shorts aint just for casuals you know. They are quite trendy.


Get some good tops, pumps or platforms ¬†handy, and don’t forget your handbags. Let your pair of trainers rest a while, you have rocked them that way enough. *winks* Its time to get really ‘girly’ and ‘sassy’ with your shorts.¬†With those, you are sure to hit the roof.
Never forget, they must be your size, perfect fit! That way, you are comfy. Next time you  got an important engagement, try rock them that way and share with us the compliments you got! For your formal official work too, not ruled out!


Top- Jembel >> jembel.com/shop/shop-tops

Weaves- Jembel >> jembel.com/shop/shop-weaves

Shorts- Jembel >> jembel.com/shop/shop-bottoms

Handbag- Jembel >> jembel.com/shop/shop-bags(under re-construction)

Shoes- Jembel >> jembel.com/shop/shop-shoes

Make up – Oriflame Cosmetics , stocked by Jembel >> jembel.com/shop/accessories

Lipstick- Giordani by Oriflame Cosmetics

Kajal eye liner – The One Kajal eye liner Black by Oriflame Cosmetics








Hey when you gotta parry, what do you wear? How do you look? You truly should know what it calls for!….ELEGANCE AND TREND!!!
Oh yea, what you wear matters  a lot.
#1, Ensure u have an outfit that is not boring and would make you comfy!  You know you will be spending lots and lots of time at the event , so comfy is a YES! So choose wisely! Remember Jembel  is just close by and can always help! >>> jembel.com/shop/shop-dress
#2, What time is the event? Day or night parry? Time of the parry is a great determinant in choosing your outfit. Our Diva rocked her R & M Richards Nude dress for her day parry , and she truly nailed it and looked super chic! Have a look.
#3, More? What’s your choice of shoes? Your shoes ¬†must be given ¬†a priority..ranging from the right colour to match the outfit , to your comfort. Platforms are always ”A ¬†YES” for us. Nevertheless, choose what is comfortable for you but ensure you look super chic and go with with your outfit perfectly!
Finally your hair and facial make- up, must be in tact. Choose a hairstyle that is not boring and one that will give you a ‘wow’look! Don’t forget to wear a smile, after all! IT IS HIGHLY FASHIONABLE
Have a pweetty week and keep looking PWEETTY!img-20160821-wa018

Dress – R & M Richards , from Jembel. More chic dresses @ jembel.com/shop/shop-dress



Yea, Purple stands for royalty, but @ Jembel, you can achieve a royalty super chic look with our Royal Blue exquisite piece by Calvin Klein, stocked @ JEMBEL! Have a look:


…Paired with our Black pair of shoes , we call Stunts by Rue 21, and a gold clutch bag, you are DONE! ¬†Double breasted styles have come to stay and Jembel’s got them and more stocked for you!
You can as well achieve a non-party look with our Blue Royal to work and other events! Shop more @ jembel.com/shop/shop-dress




#Pix 1- Nude Coach shoes by Jembel! See how the pair contrasted with the blue dress and gave it a lift! Awesome!!! Please endeavour to contrast your colours. Contrasting gives your outfit a lift, always! View and shop more shoes @ jembel.com/shop/shop-shoes


Pix 2- Top and lemon skirt by Jembel! Lovely combo and with the belt too attached, the outfit looked a bit more gorgeous! Always , always have a belt. It comes in handy.
More tops? View and shop @ jembel.com/shop/shop tops
Skirts or any bottom @ jembel.com/shop/shop-bottoms


#Pix 4- Wow! Tell me what you think. Amazing colour combo and lovely top too ! It can work on skirts as well, and tushed up some more with heels to give more chic look for work and other outings. We do tops real good @ Jembel!
View and shop more @ jembel.com/shop/shop-tops


#Top and skirt by Jembel! More @ jembel.com/shop/shop-tops and jembel.com/shop/shop-bottoms
In all said and done, find your specs at Jembel. Whatever the event, there’s a always a super outfit to make you pweetty @ http://www.jembel.com ! Have fun and happy shopping!



A shift from the usual? Yes! What do you think? Lets talk about colours and effects! Yea, I just love women looking pweetty!
Our Diva rocked her outfit well! With just her white shirt, belt and a pair of Limelight green pointies from Jembel, she slayed the outfit!
#Point 1- The white shirt neatly tucked into her well fitted pair of Jeans pants, gave it a serious look , yet classy. Go for well fitted pants..your size! Remember, every woman is pweetty!.. ¬†All you need is ”right clothes, at the right time and in your right size”! Don’t MANAGE anybody else’s size! ALWAYS ROCK YOUR SIZE!


#Pont 2 – It didn’t stop there. Throw in more colours one or two like green will do, and see what you have! ¬†Have a look!
She blended with her green cardigan and pair of green shoes! Oh Wow! ..simple clothes, achieved so much! Truly a shift from the usual! ¬†…and very importantly your hair, wear it well.
Try rocking your white top and coloured pants this way. Don’t stop at the colours mentioned. Try different ones and see!


Lynda top blog

YIppppeee! Our Divas are just something else! Just have a look at her top! One word?…OUT OF THIS WORLD! hahaha!
We always promise ”state of the art” and we keep to our words! Join our chariot: shop class!
We have got in stock Tees for your smart casuals, long , short and sleeveless tops that will keep them gazing! We promise, they are worth the buy!
RUSH to https://jembel.com/shop/shop-tops/ for more.

Top by Jembel!


We spotted one of our Divas, and you need to!yellow and black powwer
You truly need to introduce warm colours in your wardrobe! Yellow is one of such colours that shouldn’t be found wanting in your wardrobe ladies! You are sure gonna slay any outfit in yellow and pull stunts! Trust me. Have a look!

yellow to the power 2 blog 2

What do you think? Hmmmmmn, awesome if you ask me! Try yellow and black shoes, gold accessories like your bangles, neck piece, handbags and you are still trendy! Whites also nail yellow anyday! You can throw one or two white stuff in, instead of gold or black. Key word is explore.
Our Diva rocked her glamorous yellow Fendi- design dress by New Look ( from Jembel), with a pair of black Rock Republic  shoes from Jembel as well, and a black -white Chanel handbag and i think SHE SLAYED THE OUTFIT! She rocked a YELLOW AND BLACK POWER!  You can also have a royal blue , white, or teal and black power with our super glamorous fendi-design dress! Shop from jembel.com/shop/shop-dress
For extras, wear a hair style that fits your face…Our advice: The simpler the better!
You need help with matching your outfit and accessorizing? Not to worry, Jembel is close by at no extra cost!

Shoes and dress by Jembel. Visit http://www.jembel.com and get the look of your life.

Quick links:

Jembel dress: jembel.com/shop/shop-dress

Jembel shoes: jembel.com/shop/shop-shoes

yellow nkoli blog 2


fendi pweetty

You can achieve both being simple, yet pweetty look simultaneoulsy! Sure with our Fendi – design fitted dress by New Look, you sure can! Our Divas we were able to catch, slayed it! What do you think?
Jembel’s Divas, always a delight!
Shoes and dresses, proudly Jembel’s!
Shop more of this dress and others  @  https://jembel.com/shop/shop-dress/



jembel corporates

Dressing corporate doesn’t have anything to do with boring clothes or looks! Yes those times are gone! Be seen as a corporate 21st century woman. Have a look at our Diva!

jembel corporate woman 2

She got spotted in Calvin Klein’s super glam dress , boosted with gorgeous platform sandals by Faith, all stocked by Jembel!
Tell me how on earth the office and boardroom won’t stand stil!! Now, you are next! Let’s dress you up and get jembelized from head to toe too! For more glam corporate dresses and shoes, see links below:

Dresses- jembel.com/shop/shop-dress

Shoes- jembel.com/shop/shop-shoes

















REAL SHOES? Yes, they are!

image image

Ooouch! Yea, they are real shoes won by our pweetties @ different times! ….proudly from Jembel! Find your feet if you can ! Hahaha!

Your shoes cause a whole lot of drama in your total outlook. So why don’t you explore?¬†Your shoes define your total outlook irrespective of the cost of your dress! …


More thoughts on shoes: Our version!

“Show us your shoes and we’ll tell you how gorgeous you are”. – Jembel!

“Your outfit is poor when you wear the wrong shoes” – Jembel!

“Get Pweetty on your feet”- Jembel!

WE ARE READY! Pamper those feet a lil now @ jembel.com/shop/shop-shoes



You are what you wear Pweetty! Dressing casually does not change that principle! Yea, that’s why in Jembel we go for quality , trend and class! Yup!
Oh my! With this chic Calvin Klein casual shift dress and a pair of butter yellow sneakers, you can actually rule your world! Hahahahahaha! More to go @ Jembel.com/shop/shop-dress




At Jembel, no Pweetty Diva of ours, goes unnoticed! No way!! Check out the smile on our Diva’s face! All she needed to have had such a bright day was our killer show stopper black Moschino top! Trust me it’s a wow!
Have a look @ pix 2:


Wow! The secret is in what they represent…. Jembel! ¬†You are next! Get Pweetty!


Jembel’s top, dress and shoes , Spotted!


NKOL mar

Foto 1 – Moschino white top from Jembel
Like fashion? Yearn for quality and class! It eschews low self esteem and keeps you flying high!  We do not go a step low one bit! With this top, you can rock your skirts and pants anyday!
Foto 2- Jembel’s dress
I have heard many people shy away from green! its an awesome colour!…Be it in dress, shoes , tops etc. It stands out! Have a look at the picture below:

uc new green dress

What do you think? hehehe! I looooove it! Please take note of the combo. The red shoes etc. Always ensure you contrast your greens! it gives it more class. You have gold, black, nude pink shoes? Rock them green and you still get a wow look!
Foto 3 – Jembel’s shoes
Now every lady should and MUST have good shoes to complement her dressing! No good shoes, no great looks! Lol! Have a look below!

chair and shoes

You see what i mean?? The shoes gave the ankara outfit a lift! Notice the class on the feet! *winks* Other colours of shoes that could go with the outfit are red, yellow, dark pink etc. ( You owe me  a fee for this info) hahaha!

March Divas

A Hawt look Spotted!

Nkoli single white jacket

Oh yes, we spotted her in Jembel and couldn’t let go! Check her out Pweetties!!!
Weaves  РBy Jembel >>> jembel.com/shop/shop-weaves
White jacket РBy Jembel  >>> jembel.com/shop/shop-tops
Royal blue inner -By Jembel >>> jembel.com/shop/shop-tops
Blue Versace belt – By Jembel >>> jembel.com/shop/accessories
Shoes- By Jembel >>>jembel.com/shop/shop-shoes

Nkoli white collage 2

Now  you had better trust us! We are one stop shop solution to all your clothing needs , from XS size to a plus size, weaves , accessories and shoes, we got your back Pweetty! See ya!!!

New Jembel Collection , Showcased!

EkAMMA COLLAGE 3 Ekamms collage lilian Collage sassy Nkoli


Wow!!! What’s your take? hahahaha! ….For me, Pweetty ladies in stunning outfits! I AM SUPER PROUD OF MY DIVAS! Muaaaah! Every woman is pweetty @ Jembel, trust me! Its all in getting the right clothing for the right event and at the right size. We promise to help keep you pweetty always!


Need we say more? Nah….! *winks* Get glued ¬†to Jembel and trust me, you will soooo shine! All dresses by Jembel. See ya!

This week’s Looks!

nkoli collage feb

Now, you tell me what you think!!! How does she look? *winks*
Like i said earlier today in one of our posts that …”Black is beautiful”…! We totally agree! See how one of our Divas rocked our top, skirt and shoes! We were overwhelmed and had to ‘dash’ her the red hat! hahaha!
Seriously Ladies, how you wear what you wear matters! You could see it was just a top, skirt and a pair of shoes but see how it turned out! Black is beautiful any day.Turtle neck tops too are  fab any day! You can also rock with a red bottom/shoes or white bottom as well. What about a good pair of  black shoes? A MUST LADIES! All these and more are always readily available . Just keep glued to jembel.com
For tops >>> jembel.com/shop/shop-tops
Skirts / pants >>> jembel.com/shop/shop-bottoms
Shoes >>> jembel.com/shop/shop-shoes
See ya some other time! Cheers!!!



Praise be to God that we made it! ‘Twas great indeed for us here at Jembel! We were able to spot some of our Pweetties in stunning Jembel’s outfits…”what we are known for”! *winks* It pays to look good, ALWAYS. Have a look!

# Pix 1- Jembel’s white Fendi dress, nude shoes and Russian bounce weave.


Ugomma spotted

#Pix 2- Jembel’s Nine West shoes
Nonso cropped
# Pix 3- Jembel’s yellow Fendi dress

Nkoli spotted fendi

# Pix 4- Jembel’s White Fendi dress

dolapo fendi


What do you think? *winks* SUPER HAWT !!! I promise you, Jembel is set to do even more in this year , with God on our side! So tighten your seat belts and stay glued to jembel.com! We’ve got tonnes of trendy, interesting yet classy stuff on your way SOON!
Jembel keynote
Start the year ”hawt” would you? *winks* No waiting, no stopping!; Get pweetty! ; Plan to look better!; Get rid of your boring wardrobe and trust us to enhance your style! Its from glory to glory!

collage 2016

REMEMBER, we are always here to help and every woman is pweetty @ Jembel! Have a victorious and blissful 2016! We love you greatly! Kisses!!!

Fendi dresses by Jembel

All shoes spotted by Jembel


Thank u all 2

Yippee!!! Its just a few days to the end of 2015! What can we say?…Has God been so faithful? Oh yes! He has.We truly give God all the praise! Yes there were challenges, trials, walls etc but we won ”BIGG” after all, by the power of God and His mercies! ALL PRAISES TO YOU MY GOD!
Yes, we truly made significant progress! …Took giant strides, added new lines, made tremendous effective changes that pushed us forward! You guys were awesome! Thank you DIVAS…JEMBEL AMBASSADORS, for standing by our side these past 12 months and more with your huge patronage! We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this milestone without you! Tears of joy fill my heart as i write. THANK U A MILLION TIMES!
We were unable to upload all your pics here cos you are numerous and couldn’t receive all your pics before now, but hey, we know you and you know we do! *winks* Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks!!! The few we got, represent you all! We truly appreciate you! We will do more in the coming year with God on our side!
We also appreciate all who supported us in diverse¬†ways…encouragement, suggestions, positive criticism etc which spurred us on! THANK YOU. We are specially grateful to our IT and PR Pro, ..our one and only Joy Ezeka! You are one in a million! May God bless you richly. Jembel loves you for your time and hard work in bringing Jembel this far! Your creative ability, has no match!! We will go places together Joy, and do great things! ¬†Thank you Diva! To our numerous clients, fans, supporters (directly and indirectly) , thank you a million ! You guys rock big time!
 2016 is a greater and more fulfilled year for us all, in Jesus name, Amen! GOD BLESS YOU!

Our Gorgeous Diva!

nkoli and belt

Now, this is real Jembel’s signature! Absolutely gorgeous ! Wow!! See what our Gucci belt and Black shoes by Rock Republic did! …JOIN US!
Join the flow Pweetty! Jembel is all about you!  Shoes @ jembel.com/shop/shop-shoes/ 
Belts and other accessories @ https://jembel.com/shop/accessories/ 


Jembel’s hawt tops!

lilian black top

Its a black top from Jembel!!! Yippeee!
I am so excited how our Diva rocked it! Thank God we caught her at the right time….what a pleasure!
Rock your tops aright…see her combo! Did you also notice her yellow handbag right beside her? All by Jembel!!.. *winks* Alright, will stop there! hahaha!! ¬†on the event, can be worn in diverse ways!
More trendy tops @ jembel.com/shop/shop-tops/


Spotted in fendi

Oooops! It is our Fendi dress, spotted! ¬†Super chic! Drum roll please !!! All my ladies , I seriously advise you don’t ¬†miss this one! ¬†It is selling really fast! IN ALL THINE GETTING, GET OUR LATEST BABY, FENDI!!
It arrived in four colours; white, yellow , royal blue and teal. At the moment, yellow and white are sold out totally! Teal and royal blue in stock but in limited stock!…So you love a good dress ladies, you gotta hurry !
More gorgeous dresses @ jembel.com/shop/shop-dress


What our women looked like recently!

Foto 1: #jembelweaves

dorothy newest

Foto 2: #jembeltopandskirt

tara titled blog

Foto 3: #jembeldress

lilian blog fri

Ain’t they looking pweetty?? Your guess is good as mine! Join us TODAY!!

 symbol for special

…Jembel ladies, OUR PRIDE!!!wet kiss

For these looks and more:
#jembeldresses >>> please visit https://jembel.com/shop/shop-dress/
#jembeltops >>>please visit https://jembel.com/shop/shop-tops/
#jembelbottoms>>>please visit https://jembel.com/shop/shop-bottoms/
#jembelweaves>>>Please visit https://jembel.com/shop/shop-weaves/


Photo #1..Blue and Stunning!picmix-13.131

Hey U, we are here again!! *winks* …”staying chic”? Yea that’s exactly what we mean!
Believe me, it doesn’t have anything to do with “dressing expensively”! ¬†Absolutely NO. Surprised? Nah, you shouldn’t be! You can if you can afford it but the key is choosing your outfit, right. It’s all about your choice of what fits you! When you choose your dresses and outfits right, you are sure going to come out stunning! The dress the Diva rocked above is just a simple just a little– above knee-length dress but see how it turned out!

Photo #2 Peach and Charming

What do you think? Your guess is as good as mine!  Have a look!picmix-05.548
Now the whole drama for the¬†charming look is a peach jumpsuit and green pointies with back sling all by Jembel! That’s all. Isn’t she charming? Oh yes she is and she looves her outfit! *winks* The make-up, she kept simple; the hair style as well gave the outfit a plus! You can also accessorize with your black shoes, nude, brown, silver and even gold shoes and still come out , trendy!

Photo #3.. Black and Beautiful

Oh yea, she sure  nailed it! Again, see the magic this simple dress did! The Diva went for exactly her right size! No managing. The white combo of shoes and bags, also buttressed the dress and gave it a lift! Other colours you could try with this black dress are red(any day hawt *winks*), yellow, dark pink and nude to get the dress speaking! Could you try to send me pictures please?? *winks*



A number of times you see a dress displayed and you think…”Oh no, it doesn’t have a wow look”…! That’s a huge mistake, Pweetty. Here is my advice…’GO closer , GRAB it AND TRY IT ON and you might never let go!! hahaha! Remember, Jembel is closer than you think; we are ¬†always honoured to dress you up!
So the three ‘magical outfits’ were spotted out of a whole lot recently and we decided to share!

final spotted

Have you got any of Jembel’s? Please feel free to flaunt it and send in your pictures to make us proud! …”every woman is p-w-e-e-t-t-y at Jembel”

Dresses and jumpsuit by Jembel – Bisou Bisou, DR Collection

Shoes by Jembel – Green Pointies with a back sling by Limelight



Hiya, Thank God its Friday! #tgif# Hope your week has been awesome!

Have people ever branded you ugly? Well, we‚Äôv got some good news! At Jembel, every woman is p-w-e-t-t-y! Yes, a billion times yes! “Every woman is pweetty cos all u need is the right clothing for the right size and at the right time”…Jembel.

Some women may actually have been branded ugly cos of the poor way they dress. You know, what you wear and how you wear what, matters. Packaging is the key!

Well, we spotted some of our divas in Jembel’s this week and couldn’t keep them to ourselves. They look girly and you should! *winks* Check them out!

uceee girl

lilian and shoekok girlyskybluenkolispottedsky blue



  1. Find a good classy store that does women’s clothing right like Jembel, who just knows how to make every woman, pweetty! *winks* 
  2. Get your right size. You know you look out of place or unattractive when you wear the wrong size. Always go for your size, don’t manage.
  3. Good matching shoes to go with your dresses makes a lot of sense. I keep emphasizing shoes cos good fitted shoes, give your dressing a lift. Remember the quote….”give a woman the right shoes and she will change the world”‚Ķ! Hahahaha!!

Don‚Äôt forget to ‘WEAR‚Äô a good smile! It turns your world around!!¬† Have a great weekend! Much love and hugs!

**Dresses and shoes – Jembel’s


Happy New Year Everyone!

Its 2015! Glory to God Almighty that we made it. By God’s unlimited grace, we are going to do bigg things and see the end!

Did you make New year resolutions? Have you started following them? Anyways, take them¬†one after the other and ask God for help.For most people its a year of Transformation…For me its a year of TRIUMPH specially! Yippee!!

Think of ways of doing things differently. Here are a few tips from us:

Introduce new trendy styles in your wardrobe. Get rid of any boring stuff in there! (Sshhh ! call me for help if you need one! *winks*) Its all about looking and staying chic ok. Brighten your outlook. Dress right. Wear your clothes,hair and shoes properly . You are what you wear and first impression matters!

Be positive always. Avoid negative friends that are pessimistic or stuff that will bring you down.This helps you with your outlook.

Believe in yourself and dream big. Remember all things are possible. Just trust God and work hard. Set your heart on your goals and keep trusting God. Be inspired! Your goals are achievable.

Take care of yourself and mind what you eat. Eat healthy and drink lots of water to keep fresh.Learn how to relax and laugh more this year.It reduces stress and early wrinkles.*winks*

Make moves: good strong moves of determination and don’t just be idle!¬†Whatever makes you happy, do!; so far its morally right and decent.

HAVE A FULFILLED AND TRIUMPHANT 2015!! We love U. Hugs and teddy bears!!!

Spotted in Jembel

Hey U,

Season’s greetings pweetty woman! Ever wondered what some ladies ‘spotted in Jembel’ looked like? Okies here are a few images.We were able to catch some and¬† promise to keep updating you from time to time. I feel they are¬†”HAWT”, what do you think?¬†From Tahari¬†(Arthur Levine), Nine West,Jessica Howard, Pearl, 9 & Co,¬†Liz Clairborne, Worthington to Calvin Klein etc, there’s something stunning¬†for everyone.¬†¬†*winks*


picmix-43.833 (1)picmix-45.901spotted stillpicmix-59.723

  • spotted in Jembel 1picmix-04.483

Try and match your dull colours with brighter coloured¬†shoes. Red and black shoes are¬†key¬†in every woman’s wardrobe ! If you can afford it, one at a time,¬†try more colours like¬†orange, violet¬†, yellow, pink, sea¬†or¬†spring green,¬†nude and royal¬†or navy¬†blue colours. Don’t forget nice accessories¬†as well. Yeah, they come in handy.¬†Play with colours , you will be amazed. Try wearing your same outfits¬†differently, with other colours of shoes¬†you have never tried before and give your wardrobe a ‘lift’!¬†They help brighten¬†your outlook!

Check out our new arrivals for dresses and shoes @ jembel.com/shop/shop-dress/ and jembel.com/shop/shop-shoes/

  • WEAVESpicmix-07.115 (1)picmix-35.441

…..Those weaves speak volume. Get¬†one pweetty¬†! Good quality weaves, give an added touch to your outlook and¬†help you stay stylish. Don’t be left out. View and shop more weaves @ jembel.com/shop/shop-weaves/