Tops so chic, classy and warm!💪🏼💪🏼👊🏻😘 You should be among the first to rock them! Available in UK 8 , 10 and 12.

You bet, your wardrobe is in for more trendy wears! Shop them!

Style tips-

-Both can be rocked with jeans, or other casual pants / bottoms.

– Try the lacy top on a flowy maxi or short skirt! O la la la!!…the rest is history.

– Both can be rocked as corporate wears on corporate pants or skirts.

– Throw in a red , lemon or another warm tiny strapped or strapless inner and you stop every show!😁😜

Soooo start shopping! Call now or pay us  a visit. Uploads on going on our site @


They are new and selling fast . RUSH!!!

Can be rocked as both formal and semi formal dresses depending on how they are paired!

Visit jembel com/shop/shop-dress


Yea you can make your dress shirt a lil more funky by adding a pair of super pweetty sneakers.

Funny enough, our dress shirt currently in stock, could be rocked as corporate or casual. How sweet…real value for your money! Tush it up with your stilettos or pumps for formal work  and add more swags for a casual look after hours with some pweetty sneakers like ours!

Let’s hook you up @ Jembel!😜😜🥂


Dress shirt and sneakers in store.

Dress shirt: Calvin Klein

Red sneakers: Liz Clairborne


Serious parry essential!!! Don’t keep her waiting hun!😃Never let her go!!😍😍😍❤🥂

This DKNY black beauty unravels the magical chic u! Yelz!!! So so on point and no need to worry about the tummy area as the well arranged layers at the tummy area keep the pweetty tummy in check…!😁👊 Try it on and prove us wrong.

******Styling tips:
Never forget your dazzling clutch bag or a lovely handbag , plus sweet pair of shoes to complement!
It’s super hawt!!! Shop her and prove us wrong!😜


A pweetty trendy woman’s wardrobe should consist of different shades of dresses…corporates, florals, casuals, max is, short, sleeved , sleeveless etc to serve different purposes when the time comes! Make it wardrobe warm and interesting!

Don’t be caught unawares when the situation calls and u are found ‘wanting!😃😃 JEMBEL cute dresses may get sold out at that time! Dont bite ur fingers later! Now is the time to get girlie!!!😃😃😘😘




HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Welcome to 2017, the year of great heights!…flourishing on all sides! Glorry!!
JEMBEL…Wardrobe Plus is back to 2017 business! Get pweettier and keep shinning with the numerous products we will be bringing your way this year to ensure you keep being pweetty and  trendy…ranging from Jembel clothings, Jembel weaves, Jembel bags , Jembel shoes and our subsidiaries – Oriflame Cosmetics and Make up to Aviva Jewelry! We are so ready for you! Stay so glued Pweetty!
Now, let the shopping BEGIN!



Sit back

“One thing is certain, every encounter with us will leave you with a smile and every purchase you make, will get you ‘noticed’’!..JEMBEL
Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!…We promised top-notch all round and that is what we stand for, offered and still aim to deliver to you, ALWAYS!
‘JEMBEL… where every woman is p-w-e-e-t-t-y’! Keep surfing and shopping @



Feel the Freshness from ORIFLAME!


Here we goooooooo! Waiting? Noooo! Get them now from Jembel! Activelle ensures effective protection for you and your clothes!
Activelle gives reliable anti-pespirant protection to ensure all day freshness while caring for your skin,  reduces perspiration and leaves no marks on the clothes! Ask a super user , ME! *winks* All in stock @ JEMBEL! LET’S GO!!!

More @





Be Girlie and step out in style! Our new arrivals are on point!

Whats that event? Nail it from our wide range of classy and super chic dresses from great brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Next, Calvin  Klein, Neon Rose, Scarlett, M & S, Nina Leonard, R and M Richards etc!

Dresses , the best way a real regal lady is defined! *winks*




Yippeee! They are here!….Tops for different events and moods!..sleeveless, long and short sleeves, off-the-shouders, tie-sleeves, serious, casuals, e.t.c. from great labels like Bon Marche, River Island, Roca wear, Dorothy Perkins , George etc.
Now your wardrobe’s got great and exciting company… ‘hawt tops’! *winks* Have fun and shop all you can @ fantastic prices!



Heads Up Everyone! The DICE is thrown!!!…SUITS @ Jembel!
Now the dice is thrown and you make your pick!…Yea a whole lot of stuff carefully selected and great enough to sensitize your taste buds! *winks* We got Tahari, Next, H & M, Calvin Klein , Nine west etc. for that woman of class, yet at best prices! Here you go and get PWEETTY! All suits and more @
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ecollagen set new

The Ecollagen formula has been infused with unique pro-collagen peptides derived from plant stem cells, the only immortal and never aging cells of the plant. It acts from within to boost and protect collagen production in the skin leading to clinically proven wrinkle reduction. The set contains: 26685 Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Day Cream SPF 15, 26686 Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Night Cream, 26687 Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream, 26690 Ecollagen Overnight Skin Perfector, 30140 Ecollagen Triple Cleanser, 30139 Ecollagen Skin Perfecting Toner
STEP I – Apply to cotton pad and sweep over face. It is crucial to properly cleanse skin before applying any other treatment. For best results use Cleanser and Toner from the same line.
STEP 2- Apply and distribute a small amount of the cream under each eye in the morning and in the evening. Regular use will help your eye area look fresh, young and healthy.
STEP 3 -Apply on face and neck in the evening after cleansing. Use underneath your Ecollagen Night cream to boost wrinkle reduction results.
STEP 4- Apply the day cream all over your face to moisturise and protect the skin with SPF 15. Complete your routine with night cream. Its rich formula helps to nourish and regenerate your skin while you sleep.


Roses are red, sugar is sweet and so are  you! *winks*
Pamper yourself a lil, smell really sweet and revive lovely moments with our Love Potion Eau De parfum by Oriflame!
After those gorgeous and pweetty looks, next important thing is what fragrance do you have on, so shop class; shop quality at best prices from Jembel!

love potion blog today

More sweet and lovely fragrances , shop @


dresses wit roses

Every ‘pweetty’ woman should have a pweetty dress like one of these, in season and out of season! *winks*…Much more , because YOU ARE A WOMAN!

We’ve got tonnes of them in various sizes from xs (extra small) to plus sizes! No one is left out in Jembel’s world! hahaha!!! So come on, let’s treat you like a woman that you are!
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Thank u all 2

Yippee!!! Its just a few days to the end of 2015! What can we say?…Has God been so faithful? Oh yes! He has.We truly give God all the praise! Yes there were challenges, trials, walls etc but we won ”BIGG” after all, by the power of God and His mercies! ALL PRAISES TO YOU MY GOD!
Yes, we truly made significant progress! …Took giant strides, added new lines, made tremendous effective changes that pushed us forward! You guys were awesome! Thank you DIVAS…JEMBEL AMBASSADORS, for standing by our side these past 12 months and more with your huge patronage! We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this milestone without you! Tears of joy fill my heart as i write. THANK U A MILLION TIMES!
We were unable to upload all your pics here cos you are numerous and couldn’t receive all your pics before now, but hey, we know you and you know we do! *winks* Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks!!! The few we got, represent you all! We truly appreciate you! We will do more in the coming year with God on our side!
We also appreciate all who supported us in diverse ways…encouragement, suggestions, positive criticism etc which spurred us on! THANK YOU. We are specially grateful to our IT and PR Pro, ..our one and only Joy Ezeka! You are one in a million! May God bless you richly. Jembel loves you for your time and hard work in bringing Jembel this far! Your creative ability, has no match!! We will go places together Joy, and do great things!  Thank you Diva! To our numerous clients, fans, supporters (directly and indirectly) , thank you a million ! You guys rock big time!
 2016 is a greater and more fulfilled year for us all, in Jesus name, Amen! GOD BLESS YOU!


new arrival blue collage 3 pants

Now, you gotta indulge!!

Oh yes! After the events, dinner, weddings, end of year parties etc, you would need to unwind into a well tailored and comfy pair of pants from great brands like Next, F and F, Dorothy Perkins etc. and a chic top! Trust me, they give super feminine FINISH! *winks*…Super chic, super fit! Also available in various colours and sizes!!!

Think Jembel! Rock on!!

View all our pants @


Did u know

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Our “Fendi” Collection!

fendi 3 collage advert

Oh yea, they just arrived for the “P-W-E-E-T-T-Y” woman! Yippeee!!…  super chic, THEY ARE TRUST ME! Make hay while the sun shines COS ONCE GONE, GONE FOREVER! hahaha!..selling so fast too!

fendi blue collage

Front or back, its pweetty! Rock our new Fendi collection anywhere!  For a more formal look, can be spiced up with a fitted jacket (nothing less please, Pweetties) if you want less of your arms exposed. Its gotta be a fitted jacket! *winks*
All three colours and more still in stock @

fendi 3 collage advert

Jembel’s Black Friday sales…!

Nkoli  black friday 2 sales!


20 off new arrivalsall items

shoes with prices

So, what shall ye say to all these??….JEMBEL indeed cares!!! *winks* You don’t have any reason whatsoever to miss out!!! We have well packaged our top-notch items for you PWEETTY! Tell everyone you know…tops , dresses, bottoms, shoes, accessories even NEW ARRIVALS all so discounted to accommodate everyone!
REMEMBER, price returns to original after tomorrow, the 27th November!


Black friday new 1

Hiya Pweetty, Have u been wishing , “..if only Jembel could reduce her prices” …. hahaha! Well your wish has come true! FRIDAY IS THE DAY!!!  Yes, Friday, 27th November 2015 is our Black Friday Sales and you have a chance Pweetty woman!…up to 50% off all items for 24 hours! Wow!!! This is huge , trust me as all items are top notch! *winks*

This means that you can get our gorgeous shoes from 6.5k , tops 2.7k, all bottoms @ 4k  etc. and even 20% off all new new arrivals!!! Ain’t we generous? Now, u better get ready cos its for the fastest legs and the price slash lasts for only one day! hahaha!

We are going to paint Friday red and black @ Jembel!!! Don’t miss out! Please visit to view all items in stock or our showroom!

Jembel..wardrobe plus,….where everywoman is PWEETTY! 


Big labels,small prices!!!


Are you feeling me ladies? Oh yes, they are dazzling! Well embellished styles to get you noticed, even in this season! Try them on and see what we mean!!! Variety of sizes  in stock; ‘Plus’ sizes inclusive , but selling soo fast! U gotta hurry!!
…Can be worn for your parties and other numerous outings. Absolutely gorgeous anyday! Yummy!!! Hurry Pweetties, limited stock available!

All dresses available on our website http://www.jembel .com  For your quick link, please check 


signature maxi dresees 3

Heads up Pweetty!!!… Just cos you are a woman and need to be gorgeous ALWAYS, choose from our range of super trendy maxis!! There are times for just evenings, pizza and ice cream, movies, dinner, dates, parties, end of year and CHRISTMAS! These maxis come in handy , trust me. …Indulge!
Perfect timing for you! Give ur wardrobe a plus today!!


blog green dress

Have you got parties, end of year events, red carpets etc, let ‘s help you look p-w-e-e-t-t-y!!
With our embellished yoke draped dress by R and M Richards,and our range of trendy shoes, you are in for great style! So, why not if not?? Check them out and shop from our site and

Step out in style!!!


polished look

Hallos Pweetty, have you upgraded your wardrobe yet?? Hmmmmnn, berra hurry; it’s almost end of the year! You simply can’t afford not to!  Yea!! We carefully selected tons of p-w-e-e-t-t-y exclusives, JUST FOR U! …so no missing out!*winks*
Rock! Rock!! Rock them all!!! … but hey , U berra hurry, selling so fast! Oh yes, we have small, medium, large and plus sizes ! Yippeee!!!

Tips on how to rock your two-piece!

#1 U can take off the jackets and wear them plain.  Accessorize with a simple jewelry and you are good to go! Have a look:


jacky off

#2 Put on your jacket and have a complete POLISHED STYLE!


NEW...Multicoloured sleeveless dress with red jacket -2pc by R and M Richards

You see what i mean?? *winks* What do you think? Absolutely gorgeous! Be it red, purple, orange ,floral, etc., we got you covered! Sooo, start shopping Pweetty!! We are here for u!


polished look

Can’t wait to dress you up!! HURRY MY PWEETTIES!
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…..just cos you are P-W-E-E-T-T-Y!!!


signature maxi dresses 4

‘Christmas is in early @ Jembel!’ Yippee!!!
……Just ‘cos we love and want you to be trendy!!! *winks* Perfect for a trendy look during this festive period;..’truly in season and out of season’!
Rock your maxi exclusives for dinners , weddings, red carpets , anniversaries, birthdays ,you name it!!!
By the way, ensure your GOOD STYLISH shoes are handy!! All available at


New Pweetty

Hey, it’s a black affair but nay, we ain’t mourning! We are being trendy and stylish!! You can be Pweetty even in black! Hope you know!!
Go ahead and rock your black tops with white, yellow, lemon ,wine, nude , coral blue colours etc. , of bottoms  and accessories and you are sure to be on point!
Here is with a lemon:

Lemon pencil fitted skirt

Try yours out and you will be wowed!!
Check out our range of top quality black tops at

#alltopsandskirt by Jembel






New arrival tops and shoe current

Heads Up Everyone! Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss any of our new collections, specially selected for you!


For a sophisticated corporate/ formal look: Rock our monochrome skirt by Next , an inner sleeveless top (could be red ,navy blue, black,cream etc.) with our navy blue Quiz jacket paired with our pink pointies by Limelight. Yummy!!! It is a signature collection indeed. Have a look!

Corporate look

For your casual look:

U can dress it down with our light blue sleeveless top with the same monochrome skirt. Fling your jacket off; breathe and let your skin feel some fresh air! *winks* Our wedges by Pink and Pepper, would do great justice to spice it up! Look! Ready for your Pizza and ice cream? *winks*hahaha!!!

Casual look

Monochrome skirt – Next, Cropped navy blue jacket by Quiz, Pink Pointies by Limelight, Wedges – Pink and Pepper,Sky blue sleeveless top…All available in Jembel!