New arrival;Black is beautiful!


gorgeous shoes

Black is beautiful they say, and we agree!!  Yea, there can never be “TOO MUCH” black shoes in your wardrobe Pweetty! Be it flats, platforms, open toe, pointies, patent leather, etc. You need them!

Step out in style with any of our black collections, and you bet, you will sure steal the show! hahaha!!!

So Get gorgeous; get pweetty!! *winks*…We are here to help!

***Shoe of the week- Black Patent leather platform by INC International Concept

Welcome to September!

Happy new month my peeps! yea, its the month of September, getting very close to Christmas!!!…my best month of the year!

Have you made ‘new month resolution’?? Hahaha! i will make one for you hun!! Don’t be caught with no new wardrobe essentials , one of which is BELTS! Yea, they come in various sizes , colours and shapes. DSC_0381 copy

They give a plus and class to your outlook. Try them today!

Shoez frenzy

Let’s talk about shoes!

new arrival cluster shoes


Shoes! Shoes!! Shoes!!!….Wow , ladies its indeed your time to indulge! Black or brown, yellow or green, we got you covered…Conservative or outgoing, we also have you in the plan!

So shoe up, they are selling so fast! U don’t wanna cry nor bite your finger!

Our labels are hot.E.g. #Fergies, #Charlotte Russe, #Nine West, #Anne Klein, #Guess etc.

So we say….




Did you ever notice our amazing sophisticated ‘pweetty’ wedges by Charlotte Russe , Steve Madden and Tommy Hilfiger? They are simply gorgeous and super chic! ….a MUST for a pweetty woman’s wardrobe!..and selling soo fast!

If you do not have a pair of trendy wedges, as part of your new year resolution, get one NOW @

Brown open toe wedge by Tommy Hilfiger
Brown open toe wedge by Tommy Hilfiger
Shiny black open toe wedge by Charlotte Russe
Shiny black open toe wedge by Charlotte Russe
Light brown strappy leather wedge by Charlotte Russe
Light brown strappy leather wedge by Charlotte Russe
Brown open toe wedge by Steve Madden SOLD OUT
Brown open toe wedge by Steve Madden


Happy New Year Everyone!

Its 2015! Glory to God Almighty that we made it. By God’s unlimited grace, we are going to do bigg things and see the end!

Did you make New year resolutions? Have you started following them? Anyways, take them one after the other and ask God for help.For most people its a year of Transformation…For me its a year of TRIUMPH specially! Yippee!!

Think of ways of doing things differently. Here are a few tips from us:

Introduce new trendy styles in your wardrobe. Get rid of any boring stuff in there! (Sshhh ! call me for help if you need one! *winks*) Its all about looking and staying chic ok. Brighten your outlook. Dress right. Wear your clothes,hair and shoes properly . You are what you wear and first impression matters!

Be positive always. Avoid negative friends that are pessimistic or stuff that will bring you down.This helps you with your outlook.

Believe in yourself and dream big. Remember all things are possible. Just trust God and work hard. Set your heart on your goals and keep trusting God. Be inspired! Your goals are achievable.

Take care of yourself and mind what you eat. Eat healthy and drink lots of water to keep fresh.Learn how to relax and laugh more this year.It reduces stress and early wrinkles.*winks*

Make moves: good strong moves of determination and don’t just be idle! Whatever makes you happy, do!; so far its morally right and decent.

HAVE A FULFILLED AND TRIUMPHANT 2015!! We love U. Hugs and teddy bears!!!


picmix-30.904 SHOESHave you got yours? Have you been thinking when is the right time to change or add colour to your wardrobe? Think no more, NOW is the time! Dare to make a pick from the listed Charlotte Russe’s styles. Hurry!

U could also consider mix and match of this sensational red fraily by 9 & Co or the elegant Champaigne monostrap dress by Liliana, with  a pair of Charlotte Russe’s gorgeous black platform pump with buckles!  U sure must get noticed! *winks* Step up your style now  PWEETTY!trendy dresses

Black platform pump with cross-over side buckle by Charlotte Russe
Black platform pump with cross-over side buckle by Charlotte Russe

Get this Look! New Arrivals

New Arrivals at Jembel. Get this look.

The holidays are here and so are the amazing parties!

Style Tip:

For work, pair this beautiful patterned dress by BisouBisou, with a blazer, and a black low wedge and at evening, take off the blazer and step out in style in Michael Anthonio killer heels! From ‘Boardroom’ to ‘Party’ in style!


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Jembel was born to assist the woman to be ‘PWEETTY’ for herself, gorgeous for her husband, family and friends. Research shows that a woman’s confidence, poise and self- esteem drops, even with a good face to behold, if her dressing is poor or boring!  Again there are still some ladies who can even afford expensive clothing and accessories, but without that ‘touch’, that ‘eye’ for style; are unable to get their appearance right!

We believe that every woman is ‘PWEETTY’ inside and just needs the right clothing and accessories in the right combination and, of course, at the right price!

We are a one-stop shop solution to a woman’s clothing and accessories needs, that guarantees you quality, style and trend, all intricately woven to delight your senses. 

Happy shopping “pweetty” woman!