At Jembel we appreciate our customers loyalty. When you shop at Jembel, fill out the loyalty form with the number of times you have purchased from us. At your tenth purchase, you get an item free!

Dear Pweetty Clients,
Have you gotten your Jembel Loyalty Rewards? Tell us more in the comment section!

10 thoughts on “Jembel Rewards

  1. I appreciate Jembel. Always on point. I indirectly market the products from Jembel as shoes, bags, dresses etc, as I use, it attracts comments and referrals are expected.
    At points where I had to return a bag, there was no struggle or argument, rather I received the proper customer care.
    Jembel making pretty the woman.

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    1. Thanks so much Lilian! Jembel sincerely appreciates you and her other numerous clients! Thank you once more for having shopped more than 10 times from Jembel! U truly deserved the free gift of Jembel loyalty reward you received! Congratulations!!! Keep Shopping; keep getting ‘P-W-E-E-T-T-Y’

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  2. I got a very beautiful atmosphere top from Jembel to show appreciation for patronage. I’ve been buying shoes, bags, tops and skirts from Jembel. Beautiful and affordable stuffs. Thanks for the gift.

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  3. Oh my word! It is everything for a customer, a loyal customer to be appreciated. It gives the customer that sense of belonging. That, was what Jembel did to me when they rewarded me with a brand new, classy Gucci designer belt with two fronts that could be worn in two different ways in two sweet colours. Little wonder I have taken tons of photos showing off my reward! (Chuckles). My heart is gladdened. Thank you Jembel; I appreciate it. All hail Jembel! … Cheers.

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    1. Hey Pweetty Diva Nkoli, thanks a bunch!! You deserved that. Now you know we keep our words!Indeed you are a Jembel ambassador! Many thanks too for believing in Jembel right from the start with your numerous purchases! We love you and we will do more! Keep glued; keep shopping pweetty woman!


  4. I can’t believe I’m finally writing this, been waiting for this a long time. So I got my Jembel reward!!! Yipee!!! A brand new RocaWear classic top. Its so beautiful. Can’t wait to roca-a-wear it. Thanks Jembel.

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    1. Awwwww! Thank you Uche, we are so glad you love it! Jembel appreciates you big time for your patronage this far.. and please keep shopping!…We take notice!! SPREAD THE WORD MORE! Thank you once again Pweetty Diva!


  5. I just got my Jembel reward. A lovely free top after several number of purchase. This is the second time I received a reward. Thank you Jembel. Always on point.

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