REAL SHOES? Yes, they are!

image image

Ooouch! Yea, they are real shoes won by our pweetties @ different times! ….proudly from Jembel! Find your feet if you can ! Hahaha!

Your shoes cause a whole lot of drama in your total outlook. So why don’t you explore? Your shoes define your total outlook irrespective of the cost of your dress! …


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“Show us your shoes and we’ll tell you how gorgeous you are”. – Jembel!

“Your outfit is poor when you wear the wrong shoes” – Jembel!

“Get Pweetty on your feet”- Jembel!

WE ARE READY! Pamper those feet a lil now @

Jembel’s hawt tops!

lilian black top

Its a black top from Jembel!!! Yippeee!
I am so excited how our Diva rocked it! Thank God we caught her at the right time….what a pleasure!
Rock your tops aright…see her combo! Did you also notice her yellow handbag right beside her? All by Jembel!!.. *winks* Alright, will stop there! hahaha!!  on the event, can be worn in diverse ways!
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