flag of peace

Good morning Pweetty!
Have you taken time to check how special your life is to God? You can imagine sending Jesus, His only son to die for us while we were yet sinners!!..Not just that, leaving the Holy Spirit as our Comforter and Helper on earth to ensure all His work on earth is done, until His return! Wow!!!
This will clearly show you that your life is not trial and error! God took time to create you and have you in His plan. If you’ ve got the Holy Spirit, you’ ve got it all! He makes your work easier and shows you even , things to come ;not just showing,  but guiding you every step of the way till you accomplish all He has shown you! So, you are not hopeless. Always count on the Holy Spirit for guidance .
Speak words that will influence your 2016.Trust Him, He will show you. ( Psalms 16 v 11) Cooperate with Him always and speak only what God has spoken concerning your 2016! (Is. 62 v 8) God has sworn to be with you all the way!! Gloryyyy!
Remember, He is our ever present help, living in us! Have a blessed week!


Prophet o fur time

Good morning Pweetty! Yes it ‘s a brand new week and great things will happen for you! Hope you believe it? Say a big Amen!You know you have what you say.
Our words have so much power! Yes, that’s why we should be careful about what we say! So today I am reminding us that we are our own prophets! Oh yes, you say great things into your life and it shall be! Why do you think parents bless their children? ,or people bless others with words? Oh yes, we carry so much power in our tongue!



Asset me

Good morning Pweetty, ! Gud to have you here again.
What a great asset you are to God! Oh yes you are! ..but you know what? You have to ensure that you are increasing and appreciating in value continually! That’s God intention for you! You have all it takes so move forward!
Refuse to see through your senses; see the way God sees you! Take only what God tells you, not what you see. You are greatly graced and favoured by God so the best is yours! Remove “CAN’T” from your vocabulary.
Remember,great men see great things , so don’t be caught talking man’s talk even in trying times. i.e., fear, misery , doubts etc. Talk God’s talk! It propels you in the right direction. So, See Positives, GREAT ASSET!!
Have a great week!



NEW GOD HANDSHey Pweetty, trust your past week was great! I am excited in my spirit to share this with you!
It’s just about forty-five more days to the end of the year! You know what? Anything is still POSSIBLE! Keep those dreams positive. Are you afraid, sad, heavily burdened, betrayed? Do you feel hopeless, dejected?? Please DON’T! Wipe those tears!!! The owner of the universe, Our God and Father, is with you! He knows you by name, and promised to give you a desired future. Hold on a little while, the sun must shine on your face again SOON! That situation is not forever! it ‘s got an expiry date!!
Have a blessed week!


MONDAY MOTIVATION;You are of High Value!

Red Roses@2

Hey U,

How was your week? Hope you had  a good weekend! You know what? You are of high value! …created by God , full of His glory to enjoy His fullness here on earth! Awesome!!

If you have been seeing yourself as less, its time to square up your shoulders and know who you are! It doesn’t matter what  your present circumstance is nor what men have branded you.

Wipe your tears and move on. What matters is what God says you are! ..HIGH VALUE!…”behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not,neither do they reap…yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are ye not much better than they?” (Matt 6: 26) Again  consider the lilies of the field how they grow …they toil not, neither do they spin yet God takes care of them… You are of much value than they! Wow!!!
So I bring you Red Roses today to show you how much you are loved! Believe in yourself and walk tall! God has marked you priceless and of high value and that’s who you are, full of His glory! Walk in this consciousness and before you know it, everything else around you will succumb to this glory, and you will sooo shine!

Have a p-w-e-e-t-t-y great week!

Love u loads !!


achieveHey Pweetty, happy new week!  Trust you are having a glorious day ! You should!!

You really can achieve all you want in life! It starts from your mind. How do you see life? Despite the challenges whatsoever or the few bad days, you still can. Yes you can! They are lying vanities; don’t observe them. No one can stop you but you!

“Be proactive; Begin with the end in mind; Put first things first; Think win win; Seek first to understand and then to be understood; Synergize and Sharpen the saw…” Stephen R. Covey

Have  a picture of what you want to achieve.

  • Think it.
  • See it.
  • and then ,  Achieve it!  

Make it happen cos you have all it takes with God on your side! This week erase fear  from your life and your results will be countless!  Go and win!.

Have a p-w-e-e-t-t-y week !!