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Pweetty woman, please read this and share your experiences and thoughts! 



“One of the greatest gifts a mother can give herself and her child is breastfeeding! It fosters a strong bond!… Apart from the colostrum i.e the first type of milk that flows immediately after birth, the mature breast milk still contains antibodies that help ward off sickness and diseases! It also helps your uterus contract back to its pre-pregnancy size …”Remi Makanjuola

Our beauty as women does not just end in adornment of our bodies, hawt shoes and accessorizing; it encompasses a whole lot such as raising kids (i.e if you want to have ), managing a home, working at optimal level in your career, growing your business etc. We will discuss breastfeeding today though *winks*.

Weird? Naah! True?? Yes!!… a million times! Are you pregnant, or planning to get married and have babbies? You need to add this to your ‘beauty tips’ *winks* hahahaha! Yes beauty tips especially for all ye lovers of flat tummy’! hahahaha!!

Breastfeeding like the experts say is the best form of milk a baby requires especially at the initial stage! For me as a Mum,  am a witness! I did breastfeeding for all my kids. Yea exclusive type at that ! *winks* Lots of hard work right? Oh yea, absolutely! No disputing that but can tell you that the result cannot be overemphasized! Practice the type that works for you. T’wasn’t easy for me at that time, but worth it after all.

If you are a carreer Mum, don’t be too hard on yourself, there are ways around it e.g. expressing and freezing. *winks* You sure need to give your babbies the best, for a good start. It pays off! Prove me.