REAL SHOES? Yes, they are!

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Ooouch! Yea, they are real shoes won by our pweetties @ different times! ….proudly from Jembel! Find your feet if you can ! Hahaha!

Your shoes cause a whole lot of drama in your total outlook. So why don’t you explore? Your shoes define your total outlook irrespective of the cost of your dress! …


More thoughts on shoes: Our version!

“Show us your shoes and we’ll tell you how gorgeous you are”. – Jembel!

“Your outfit is poor when you wear the wrong shoes” – Jembel!

“Get Pweetty on your feet”- Jembel!

WE ARE READY! Pamper those feet a lil now @


Black friday new 1

Hiya Pweetty, Have u been wishing , “..if only Jembel could reduce her prices” …. hahaha! Well your wish has come true! FRIDAY IS THE DAY!!!  Yes, Friday, 27th November 2015 is our Black Friday Sales and you have a chance Pweetty woman!…up to 50% off all items for 24 hours! Wow!!! This is huge , trust me as all items are top notch! *winks*

This means that you can get our gorgeous shoes from 6.5k , tops 2.7k, all bottoms @ 4k  etc. and even 20% off all new new arrivals!!! Ain’t we generous? Now, u better get ready cos its for the fastest legs and the price slash lasts for only one day! hahaha!

We are going to paint Friday red and black @ Jembel!!! Don’t miss out! Please visit to view all items in stock or our showroom!

Jembel..wardrobe plus,….where everywoman is PWEETTY! 




Hiya, Thank God its Friday! #tgif# Hope your week has been awesome!

Have people ever branded you ugly? Well, we’v got some good news! At Jembel, every woman is p-w-e-t-t-y! Yes, a billion times yes! “Every woman is pweetty cos all u need is the right clothing for the right size and at the right time”…Jembel.

Some women may actually have been branded ugly cos of the poor way they dress. You know, what you wear and how you wear what, matters. Packaging is the key!

Well, we spotted some of our divas in Jembel’s this week and couldn’t keep them to ourselves. They look girly and you should! *winks* Check them out!

uceee girl

lilian and shoekok girlyskybluenkolispottedsky blue



  1. Find a good classy store that does women’s clothing right like Jembel, who just knows how to make every woman, pweetty! *winks* 
  2. Get your right size. You know you look out of place or unattractive when you wear the wrong size. Always go for your size, don’t manage.
  3. Good matching shoes to go with your dresses makes a lot of sense. I keep emphasizing shoes cos good fitted shoes, give your dressing a lift. Remember the quote….”give a woman the right shoes and she will change the world”…! Hahahaha!!

Don’t forget to ‘WEAR’ a good smile! It turns your world around!!  Have a great weekend! Much love and hugs!

**Dresses and shoes – Jembel’s

Life is beautiful



beautiful things

In life we are bound to face challenges, but you know what? Those challenges are just temporary. Life is still soo beautiful! You make your life what you want it to be  by your words! Yes there’s power in your spoken words!

What are you saying or what have you spoken? Remember , death and life are in the power of the tongue! The tongue is one of the smallest parts of our body but it’s actually the greatest! What you say with your mouth is important! Speak the right words in any situation. Don’t be moved by what you see but by what the word of God says about that situation! Its only temporary and if you stay on those positive words long enough, your life will definitely go in that direction!

Enjoy your life! God has given it to us and its such a BEAUTIFUL LIFE!  Have a glorious day! Lotta love!

Shoez frenzy

Let’s talk about shoes!

new arrival cluster shoes


Shoes! Shoes!! Shoes!!!….Wow , ladies its indeed your time to indulge! Black or brown, yellow or green, we got you covered…Conservative or outgoing, we also have you in the plan!

So shoe up, they are selling so fast! U don’t wanna cry nor bite your finger!

Our labels are hot.E.g. #Fergies, #Charlotte Russe, #Nine West, #Anne Klein, #Guess etc.

So we say….



Beauty in Challenges!

”Never say you are tired when you are faced with a challenge. When you are tired , you might be pushed to give up. Find a way around it! ALWAYS DO. Remember your vision. Its just another road block and when you come up with a solution, you are one step to becoming awesomely good at managing that project / vision!”…. JOY EZEKA

Spice up your wardrobe, add new colours, enhance your appearance and in all ”thine” getting, GET P-W-E-E-T-T-Y!!


Did you ever notice our amazing sophisticated ‘pweetty’ wedges by Charlotte Russe , Steve Madden and Tommy Hilfiger? They are simply gorgeous and super chic! ….a MUST for a pweetty woman’s wardrobe!..and selling soo fast!

If you do not have a pair of trendy wedges, as part of your new year resolution, get one NOW @

Brown open toe wedge by Tommy Hilfiger
Brown open toe wedge by Tommy Hilfiger
Shiny black open toe wedge by Charlotte Russe
Shiny black open toe wedge by Charlotte Russe
Light brown strappy leather wedge by Charlotte Russe
Light brown strappy leather wedge by Charlotte Russe
Brown open toe wedge by Steve Madden SOLD OUT
Brown open toe wedge by Steve Madden


picmix-30.904 SHOESHave you got yours? Have you been thinking when is the right time to change or add colour to your wardrobe? Think no more, NOW is the time! Dare to make a pick from the listed Charlotte Russe’s styles. Hurry!

U could also consider mix and match of this sensational red fraily by 9 & Co or the elegant Champaigne monostrap dress by Liliana, with  a pair of Charlotte Russe’s gorgeous black platform pump with buckles!  U sure must get noticed! *winks* Step up your style now  PWEETTY!trendy dresses

Black platform pump with cross-over side buckle by Charlotte Russe
Black platform pump with cross-over side buckle by Charlotte Russe