Hiya, Thank God its Friday! #tgif# Hope your week has been awesome!

Have people ever branded you ugly? Well, we’v got some good news! At Jembel, every woman is p-w-e-t-t-y! Yes, a billion times yes! “Every woman is pweetty cos all u need is the right clothing for the right size and at the right time”…Jembel.

Some women may actually have been branded ugly cos of the poor way they dress. You know, what you wear and how you wear what, matters. Packaging is the key!

Well, we spotted some of our divas in Jembel’s this week and couldn’t keep them to ourselves. They look girly and you should! *winks* Check them out!

uceee girl

lilian and shoekok girlyskybluenkolispottedsky blue



  1. Find a good classy store that does women’s clothing right like Jembel, who just knows how to make every woman, pweetty! *winks* 
  2. Get your right size. You know you look out of place or unattractive when you wear the wrong size. Always go for your size, don’t manage.
  3. Good matching shoes to go with your dresses makes a lot of sense. I keep emphasizing shoes cos good fitted shoes, give your dressing a lift. Remember the quote….”give a woman the right shoes and she will change the world”…! Hahahaha!!

Don’t forget to ‘WEAR’ a good smile! It turns your world around!!  Have a great weekend! Much love and hugs!

**Dresses and shoes – Jembel’s

The Unspoken power of good dressing

Hey Pweetty,

We at Jembel always say..”show me your shoes and I tell u how gorgeous u are”… hehehe!! True or false?

perfect one

Yea! Absolutely, your shoes enhance your total outlook! Believe me, no matter how expensive your clothes are, without the right shoes, its gonna look poor. We advise that each time you dress up and those ‘ pweetty’ legs of yours would show; whether in dresses, shorts, pants and skirts, get’em to stare!! Yeah!

Heels give your dresses, pants etc a plus no matter what their prices are.

Have a look!

best seller best sellerhands up aug 25th

This Diva nailed it just in the bud! Watcha think? With this outlook she’ s got, everyone must stare! Hahaha! ..”whoever invented heels should be given an award”…  Marilyn Monroe *winks* ….


  1. Belt gave her a chicy look and  her waist slimmer and trendy.(A plus ladies..try that to your simple dress . U will be amazed)

  2. Though the dress looked ‘just there’, the heels gave it a lift!

  3. In the last picture, she could fling her jacket off and she is ready for that dinner date or outing after work, still looking classy! You feeling me ladies?

  4. Lastly, her smile is worth a million bucks!  Don’t forget to wear a smile ALWAYS , Ladies! Ur dressing ain’t complete without a good smile! *winks* It sums up your outlook!style redefined

Dress by Jembel; Shoes by Jembel

Catch ya some other time!!  Keep being  ‘pweetty’ !Kisses and hugs!