fendi pweetty

You can achieve both being simple, yet pweetty look simultaneoulsy! Sure with our Fendi – design fitted dress by New Look, you sure can! Our Divas we were able to catch, slayed it! What do you think?
Jembel’s Divas, always a delight!
Shoes and dresses, proudly Jembel’s!
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Spotted in fendi

Oooops! It is our Fendi dress, spotted!  Super chic! Drum roll please !!! All my ladies , I seriously advise you don’t  miss this one!  It is selling really fast! IN ALL THINE GETTING, GET OUR LATEST BABY, FENDI!!
It arrived in four colours; white, yellow , royal blue and teal. At the moment, yellow and white are sold out totally! Teal and royal blue in stock but in limited stock!…So you love a good dress ladies, you gotta hurry !
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