A shift from the usual? Yes! What do you think? Lets talk about colours and effects! Yea, I just love women looking pweetty!
Our Diva rocked her outfit well! With just her white shirt, belt and a pair of Limelight green pointies from Jembel, she slayed the outfit!
#Point 1- The white shirt neatly tucked into her well fitted pair of Jeans pants, gave it a serious look , yet classy. Go for well fitted pants..your size! Remember, every woman is pweetty!..  All you need is ”right clothes, at the right time and in your right size”! Don’t MANAGE anybody else’s size! ALWAYS ROCK YOUR SIZE!


#Pont 2 – It didn’t stop there. Throw in more colours one or two like green will do, and see what you have!  Have a look!
She blended with her green cardigan and pair of green shoes! Oh Wow! ..simple clothes, achieved so much! Truly a shift from the usual!  …and very importantly your hair, wear it well.
Try rocking your white top and coloured pants this way. Don’t stop at the colours mentioned. Try different ones and see!

Welcome to September!

Happy new month my peeps! yea, its the month of September, getting very close to Christmas!!!…my best month of the year!

Have you made ‘new month resolution’?? Hahaha! i will make one for you hun!! Don’t be caught with no new wardrobe essentials , one of which is BELTS! Yea, they come in various sizes , colours and shapes. DSC_0381 copy

They give a plus and class to your outlook. Try them today!