Beauty in Challenges!

”Never say you are tired when you are faced with a challenge. When you are tired , you might be pushed to give up. Find a way around it! ALWAYS DO. Remember your vision. Its just another road block and when you come up with a solution, you are one step to becoming awesomely good at managing that project / vision!”…. JOY EZEKA

Spice up your wardrobe, add new colours, enhance your appearance and in all ”thine” getting, GET P-W-E-E-T-T-Y!!

Spotted in Jembel

Hey U,

Season’s greetings pweetty woman! Ever wondered what some ladies ‘spotted in Jembel’ looked like? Okies here are a few images.We were able to catch some and  promise to keep updating you from time to time. I feel they are ”HAWT”, what do you think? From Tahari (Arthur Levine), Nine West,Jessica Howard, Pearl, 9 & Co, Liz Clairborne, Worthington to Calvin Klein etc, there’s something stunning for everyone.  *winks*


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  • spotted in Jembel 1picmix-04.483

Try and match your dull colours with brighter coloured shoes. Red and black shoes are key in every woman’s wardrobe ! If you can afford it, one at a time, try more colours like orange, violet , yellow, pink, sea or spring green, nude and royal or navy blue colours. Don’t forget nice accessories as well. Yeah, they come in handy. Play with colours , you will be amazed. Try wearing your same outfits differently, with other colours of shoes you have never tried before and give your wardrobe a ‘lift’! They help brighten your outlook!

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