A shift from the usual? Yes! What do you think? Lets talk about colours and effects! Yea, I just love women looking pweetty!
Our Diva rocked her outfit well! With just her white shirt, belt and a pair of Limelight green pointies from Jembel, she slayed the outfit!
#Point 1- The white shirt neatly tucked into her well fitted pair of Jeans pants, gave it a serious look , yet classy. Go for well fitted pants..your size! Remember, every woman is pweetty!..  All you need is ”right clothes, at the right time and in your right size”! Don’t MANAGE anybody else’s size! ALWAYS ROCK YOUR SIZE!


#Pont 2 – It didn’t stop there. Throw in more colours one or two like green will do, and see what you have!  Have a look!
She blended with her green cardigan and pair of green shoes! Oh Wow! ..simple clothes, achieved so much! Truly a shift from the usual!  …and very importantly your hair, wear it well.
Try rocking your white top and coloured pants this way. Don’t stop at the colours mentioned. Try different ones and see!

REAL SHOES? Yes, they are!

image image

Ooouch! Yea, they are real shoes won by our pweetties @ different times! ….proudly from Jembel! Find your feet if you can ! Hahaha!

Your shoes cause a whole lot of drama in your total outlook. So why don’t you explore? Your shoes define your total outlook irrespective of the cost of your dress! …


More thoughts on shoes: Our version!

“Show us your shoes and we’ll tell you how gorgeous you are”. – Jembel!

“Your outfit is poor when you wear the wrong shoes” – Jembel!

“Get Pweetty on your feet”- Jembel!

WE ARE READY! Pamper those feet a lil now @ jembel.com/shop/shop-shoes


Black friday new 1

Hiya Pweetty, Have u been wishing , “..if only Jembel could reduce her prices” …. hahaha! Well your wish has come true! FRIDAY IS THE DAY!!!  Yes, Friday, 27th November 2015 is our Black Friday Sales and you have a chance Pweetty woman!…up to 50% off all items for 24 hours! Wow!!! This is huge , trust me as all items are top notch! *winks*

This means that you can get our gorgeous shoes from 6.5k , tops 2.7k, all bottoms @ 4k  etc. and even 20% off all new new arrivals!!! Ain’t we generous? Now, u better get ready cos its for the fastest legs and the price slash lasts for only one day! hahaha!

We are going to paint Friday red and black @ Jembel!!! Don’t miss out! Please visit http://www.jembel.com to view all items in stock or our showroom!

Jembel..wardrobe plus,….where everywoman is PWEETTY! 



Photo #1..Blue and Stunning!picmix-13.131

Hey U, we are here again!! *winks* …”staying chic”? Yea that’s exactly what we mean!
Believe me, it doesn’t have anything to do with “dressing expensively”!  Absolutely NO. Surprised? Nah, you shouldn’t be! You can if you can afford it but the key is choosing your outfit, right. It’s all about your choice of what fits you! When you choose your dresses and outfits right, you are sure going to come out stunning! The dress the Diva rocked above is just a simple just a little– above knee-length dress but see how it turned out!

Photo #2 Peach and Charming

What do you think? Your guess is as good as mine!  Have a look!picmix-05.548
Now the whole drama for the charming look is a peach jumpsuit and green pointies with back sling all by Jembel! That’s all. Isn’t she charming? Oh yes she is and she looves her outfit! *winks* The make-up, she kept simple; the hair style as well gave the outfit a plus! You can also accessorize with your black shoes, nude, brown, silver and even gold shoes and still come out , trendy!

Photo #3.. Black and Beautiful

Oh yea, she sure  nailed it! Again, see the magic this simple dress did! The Diva went for exactly her right size! No managing. The white combo of shoes and bags, also buttressed the dress and gave it a lift! Other colours you could try with this black dress are red(any day hawt *winks*), yellow, dark pink and nude to get the dress speaking! Could you try to send me pictures please?? *winks*



A number of times you see a dress displayed and you think…”Oh no, it doesn’t have a wow look”…! That’s a huge mistake, Pweetty. Here is my advice…’GO closer , GRAB it AND TRY IT ON and you might never let go!! hahaha! Remember, Jembel is closer than you think; we are  always honoured to dress you up!
So the three ‘magical outfits’ were spotted out of a whole lot recently and we decided to share!

final spotted

Have you got any of Jembel’s? Please feel free to flaunt it and send in your pictures to make us proud! …”every woman is p-w-e-e-t-t-y at Jembel”

Dresses and jumpsuit by Jembel – Bisou Bisou, DR Collection

Shoes by Jembel – Green Pointies with a back sling by Limelight






New arrival tops and shoe current

Heads Up Everyone! Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss any of our new collections, specially selected for you!


For a sophisticated corporate/ formal look: Rock our monochrome skirt by Next , an inner sleeveless top (could be red ,navy blue, black,cream etc.) with our navy blue Quiz jacket paired with our pink pointies by Limelight. Yummy!!! It is a signature collection indeed. Have a look!

Corporate look

For your casual look:

U can dress it down with our light blue sleeveless top with the same monochrome skirt. Fling your jacket off; breathe and let your skin feel some fresh air! *winks* Our wedges by Pink and Pepper, would do great justice to spice it up! Look! Ready for your Pizza and ice cream? *winks*hahaha!!!

Casual look

Monochrome skirt – Next, Cropped navy blue jacket by Quiz, Pink Pointies by Limelight, Wedges – Pink and Pepper,Sky blue sleeveless top…All available in Jembel!