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Have people ever branded you ugly? Well, we’v got some good news! At Jembel, every woman is p-w-e-t-t-y! Yes, a billion times yes! “Every woman is pweetty cos all u need is the right clothing for the right size and at the right time”…Jembel.

Some women may actually have been branded ugly cos of the poor way they dress. You know, what you wear and how you wear what, matters. Packaging is the key!

Well, we spotted some of our divas in Jembel’s this week and couldn’t keep them to ourselves. They look girly and you should! *winks* Check them out!

uceee girl

lilian and shoekok girlyskybluenkolispottedsky blue



  1. Find a good classy store that does women’s clothing right like Jembel, who just knows how to make every woman, pweetty! *winks* 
  2. Get your right size. You know you look out of place or unattractive when you wear the wrong size. Always go for your size, don’t manage.
  3. Good matching shoes to go with your dresses makes a lot of sense. I keep emphasizing shoes cos good fitted shoes, give your dressing a lift. Remember the quote….”give a woman the right shoes and she will change the world”…! Hahahaha!!

Don’t forget to ‘WEAR’ a good smile! It turns your world around!!  Have a great weekend! Much love and hugs!

**Dresses and shoes – Jembel’s

Beauty in Challenges!

”Never say you are tired when you are faced with a challenge. When you are tired , you might be pushed to give up. Find a way around it! ALWAYS DO. Remember your vision. Its just another road block and when you come up with a solution, you are one step to becoming awesomely good at managing that project / vision!”…. JOY EZEKA

Spice up your wardrobe, add new colours, enhance your appearance and in all ”thine” getting, GET P-W-E-E-T-T-Y!!

Spotted in Jembel

Hey U,

Season’s greetings pweetty woman! Ever wondered what some ladies ‘spotted in Jembel’ looked like? Okies here are a few images.We were able to catch some and  promise to keep updating you from time to time. I feel they are ”HAWT”, what do you think? From Tahari (Arthur Levine), Nine West,Jessica Howard, Pearl, 9 & Co, Liz Clairborne, Worthington to Calvin Klein etc, there’s something stunning for everyone.  *winks*


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  • spotted in Jembel 1picmix-04.483

Try and match your dull colours with brighter coloured shoes. Red and black shoes are key in every woman’s wardrobe ! If you can afford it, one at a time, try more colours like orange, violet , yellow, pink, sea or spring green, nude and royal or navy blue colours. Don’t forget nice accessories as well. Yeah, they come in handy. Play with colours , you will be amazed. Try wearing your same outfits differently, with other colours of shoes you have never tried before and give your wardrobe a ‘lift’! They help brighten your outlook!

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  • WEAVESpicmix-07.115 (1)picmix-35.441

…..Those weaves speak volume. Get one pweetty ! Good quality weaves, give an added touch to your outlook and help you stay stylish. Don’t be left out. View and shop more weaves @