omotola in red

elegant rita  dd

nkoli red dress evening scarfless

geegy in red

genevive in red

Hey Pweetty,

What can you see? I SEE HAWTNESS ….1000 watts!!! hahaha! This is what i call R-E-G-A-L! They are absolutely, pweetty! Ain’t they?
Have you invested in red dresses yet? Please do. Have a look at the pweetty ladies I ve got here…what’s in common? RED POWER!  Red signifies love, warmth, flames (which we can call our own day ‘hawt’) You name more.. *winks*!
You can never be hidden in  a red dress. It’s a strong wardrobe essential colour I recommend. Be it short, long , midi, please flaunt it.


Just get your size, good matching shoes, (Jembel can help though), clutch bag, accessorize not forgetting your facial make-up and your hair and there you go! Some super matching colours used here are red, gold, black, nude, cream and grey, but the list is endless! You could try other ‘off colours’ e.g coral blue ,green etc and they will still come out nice.
Have a look!
 iniedo red dress

shoe for post march

You could rock it short or long, in native way or English, …however! One thing is sure , you can’t be unnoticed!
Be it for red carpet events, dinner, traditional / native ceremonies, aso- ebi, red colour sure rocks! NHN Couture  and Nkoli displayed some tips …

nhn in red 3

nkolis red ova dress

back nkoli native 3

You see what I mean?? Can we now have a red parry? *winks* hahaha!  Let’s see what you ‘ve got. Please do and send me pictures ! l loooove pictures and pweetty things!
Lotta love!!!

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Style Tip:

For work, pair this beautiful patterned dress by BisouBisou, with a blazer, and a black low wedge and at evening, take off the blazer and step out in style in Michael Anthonio killer heels! From ‘Boardroom’ to ‘Party’ in style!


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