We truly have to learn how to live life and enjoy it. Yes. Why? God gave us life as a gift and everything we need for life and godliness! So you see no need to be sober, discouraged, depressed, wanting to take your life, etc
Depression is a no-no! Wanting to take your life is a no – no too! That is from the pit of hell trying to short circuit you from this awesome gift called life , which God has bestowed on us freely. Lies from the enemy shouldn’t be bought. Don’t even give heed to any form of it ! Life is beautiful. Jesus has paid heavily for us and that is what truly matters!
Those challenges did not come to kill nor drown you but for you to win and conquer! God is right there with you and will surely make a way out for you! Never take your life.
There has not been any temptation or trial you are facing God has not made a way of escape for you. ( 1 Cor. 10 vs 13) So hang in there and soar on even when the waves seem strong. Its only for a while! No power can defeat God’s and you are His! He promised victory at the end and is with you! No matter the challenge, enrich yourself with God’s word , keep trusting , keep your faith on , be strong in the Lord and in the POWER of HIS MIGHT! ( Eph 6 vs 10) It’s not forever! You will conquer if you don’t give up!
Have a pweetty week!😘😘😘😘
Dress By Jembel.


We spotted one of our Divas, and you need to!yellow and black powwer
You truly need to introduce warm colours in your wardrobe! Yellow is one of such colours that shouldn’t be found wanting in your wardrobe ladies! You are sure gonna slay any outfit in yellow and pull stunts! Trust me. Have a look!

yellow to the power 2 blog 2

What do you think? Hmmmmmn, awesome if you ask me! Try yellow and black shoes, gold accessories like your bangles, neck piece, handbags and you are still trendy! Whites also nail yellow anyday! You can throw one or two white stuff in, instead of gold or black. Key word is explore.
Our Diva rocked her glamorous yellow Fendi- design dress by New Look ( from Jembel), with a pair of black Rock Republic  shoes from Jembel as well, and a black -white Chanel handbag and i think SHE SLAYED THE OUTFIT! She rocked a YELLOW AND BLACK POWER!  You can also have a royal blue , white, or teal and black power with our super glamorous fendi-design dress! Shop from jembel.com/shop/shop-dress
For extras, wear a hair style that fits your face…Our advice: The simpler the better!
You need help with matching your outfit and accessorizing? Not to worry, Jembel is close by at no extra cost!

Shoes and dress by Jembel. Visit http://www.jembel.com and get the look of your life.

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Jembel shoes: jembel.com/shop/shop-shoes

yellow nkoli blog 2


fendi pweetty

You can achieve both being simple, yet pweetty look simultaneoulsy! Sure with our Fendi – design fitted dress by New Look, you sure can! Our Divas we were able to catch, slayed it! What do you think?
Jembel’s Divas, always a delight!
Shoes and dresses, proudly Jembel’s!
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Hey! It’s throw back Thursday and guess what? Our super fit baby, it’s still in stock! It’s got a sheer glam style and fit! Ask our Divas, spotted in the yellow and white colors! It’s super chic! The fabric is so unique and comfy with 100 percent easy fit and care!


  • Perfect for your cocktails
  • formal events
  • get togethers etc.

Only teal color left!

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Praise be to God that we made it! ‘Twas great indeed for us here at Jembel! We were able to spot some of our Pweetties in stunning Jembel’s outfits…”what we are known for”! *winks* It pays to look good, ALWAYS. Have a look!

# Pix 1- Jembel’s white Fendi dress, nude shoes and Russian bounce weave.


Ugomma spotted

#Pix 2- Jembel’s Nine West shoes
Nonso cropped
# Pix 3- Jembel’s yellow Fendi dress

Nkoli spotted fendi

# Pix 4- Jembel’s White Fendi dress

dolapo fendi


What do you think? *winks* SUPER HAWT !!! I promise you, Jembel is set to do even more in this year , with God on our side! So tighten your seat belts and stay glued to jembel.com! We’ve got tonnes of trendy, interesting yet classy stuff on your way SOON!
Jembel keynote
Start the year ”hawt” would you? *winks* No waiting, no stopping!; Get pweetty! ; Plan to look better!; Get rid of your boring wardrobe and trust us to enhance your style! Its from glory to glory!

collage 2016

REMEMBER, we are always here to help and every woman is pweetty @ Jembel! Have a victorious and blissful 2016! We love you greatly! Kisses!!!

Fendi dresses by Jembel

All shoes spotted by Jembel


Spotted in fendi

Oooops! It is our Fendi dress, spotted!  Super chic! Drum roll please !!! All my ladies , I seriously advise you don’t  miss this one!  It is selling really fast! IN ALL THINE GETTING, GET OUR LATEST BABY, FENDI!!
It arrived in four colours; white, yellow , royal blue and teal. At the moment, yellow and white are sold out totally! Teal and royal blue in stock but in limited stock!…So you love a good dress ladies, you gotta hurry !
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Our “Fendi” Collection!

fendi 3 collage advert

Oh yea, they just arrived for the “P-W-E-E-T-T-Y” woman! Yippeee!!…  super chic, THEY ARE TRUST ME! Make hay while the sun shines COS ONCE GONE, GONE FOREVER! hahaha!..selling so fast too!

fendi blue collage

Front or back, its pweetty! Rock our new Fendi collection anywhere!  For a more formal look, can be spiced up with a fitted jacket (nothing less please, Pweetties) if you want less of your arms exposed. Its gotta be a fitted jacket! *winks*
All three colours and more still in stock @ https://jembel.com/shop/shop-dress/

fendi 3 collage advert