What Do You See?

‘WHAT’ you see and ‘HOW’ you see, …big deal!!! Many  times, we see negatives, focus on the natural and present circumstances, impossibilities etc and even in the positives, see blurred pictures!
Its time to see aright! Let your light, shine! Focus on the positives, great vision, and beautiful side of the coin. Turn your eyes away from every blurred picture and in the midst of any challenge, see beauty, calmness, dream come true and possibilities! As you look and focus on the positive, you become positive and the negatives diminish by the day and eventually clear out! Praise God!
Come on!…Dance the dance and clap your hands! Its a beautiful life!!!

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Woow! Classic pants have a lot to say in your outlook! Invest in them. The beautiful thing is that you can contrast them in ways that are soo glam with trendy tops, even without jackets or blazers!
Have a look!
Pweetty right! Our Diva got spotted and we couldn’t help but share!
Both pants are from Jembel and we stood out as usual! Our Diva chose a pencil fitted and a boot cut kind for her second look. All in stock @ Jembel! GET SPOTTED NEXT!

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Heads Up Everyone! The DICE is thrown!!!…SUITS @ Jembel!
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Happy Shopping!!!


new arrival blue collage 3 pants

Now, you gotta indulge!!

Oh yes! After the events, dinner, weddings, end of year parties etc, you would need to unwind into a well tailored and comfy pair of pants from great brands like Next, F and F, Dorothy Perkins etc. and a chic top! Trust me, they give super feminine FINISH! *winks*…Super chic, super fit! Also available in various colours and sizes!!!

Think Jembel! Rock on!!

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What our women looked like recently!

Foto 1: #jembelweaves

dorothy newest

Foto 2: #jembeltopandskirt

tara titled blog

Foto 3: #jembeldress

lilian blog fri

Ain’t they looking pweetty?? Your guess is good as mine! Join us TODAY!!

 symbol for special

…Jembel ladies, OUR PRIDE!!!wet kiss

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New arrival tops and shoe current

Heads Up Everyone! Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss any of our new collections, specially selected for you!


For a sophisticated corporate/ formal look: Rock our monochrome skirt by Next , an inner sleeveless top (could be red ,navy blue, black,cream etc.) with our navy blue Quiz jacket paired with our pink pointies by Limelight. Yummy!!! It is a signature collection indeed. Have a look!

Corporate look

For your casual look:

U can dress it down with our light blue sleeveless top with the same monochrome skirt. Fling your jacket off; breathe and let your skin feel some fresh air! *winks* Our wedges by Pink and Pepper, would do great justice to spice it up! Look! Ready for your Pizza and ice cream? *winks*hahaha!!!

Casual look

Monochrome skirt – Next, Cropped navy blue jacket by Quiz, Pink Pointies by Limelight, Wedges – Pink and Pepper,Sky blue sleeveless top…All available in Jembel!