FAB AT 50!

Hey Pweetty, have you ever thought of what you eat? Did you know you are a product of what you eat?
Thank God for divine health but you know, if you have been careless with what you eat, make a u-turn and start afresh TODAY! You can still look  FAB @ 50 and beyond!
Have a look!

nneji double

Could you believe she just clocked 50? Wow!! I got closer to get her secret  and I got! *winks* She watches what she eats and drinks lots of water!…..and of course, laughs and plays a lot! (very important) That’s all!!…
nneji 10nneji 4


nneji 2

Nneji 1

nneji @ 50

Wow! She can pass for a young model any day!!! *winks* Are you motivated unto good works?  Remember attitude is everything!
Tips :







IMG-20151025-WA000 (1)

nneji pre 4

Congratulations and fifty hearty cheers Nneji Ugboh! Many more beautiful and fruitful years ahead! Thank you for inspiring us! God bless you. HUGS!!