What our women looked like recently!

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dorothy newest

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tara titled blog

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lilian blog fri

Ain’t they looking pweetty?? Your guess is good as mine! Join us TODAY!!

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…Jembel ladies, OUR PRIDE!!!wet kiss

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New arrival tops and shoe current

Heads Up Everyone! Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss any of our new collections, specially selected for you!


For a sophisticated corporate/ formal look: Rock our monochrome skirt by Next , an inner sleeveless top (could be red ,navy blue, black,cream etc.) with our navy blue Quiz jacket paired with our pink pointies by Limelight. Yummy!!! It is a signature collection indeed. Have a look!

Corporate look

For your casual look:

U can dress it down with our light blue sleeveless top with the same monochrome skirt. Fling your jacket off; breathe and let your skin feel some fresh air! *winks* Our wedges by Pink and Pepper, would do great justice to spice it up! Look! Ready for your Pizza and ice cream? *winks*hahaha!!!

Casual look

Monochrome skirt – Next, Cropped navy blue jacket by Quiz, Pink Pointies by Limelight, Wedges – Pink and Pepper,Sky blue sleeveless top…All available in Jembel!