Hey when you gotta parry, what do you wear? How do you look? You truly should know what it calls for!….ELEGANCE AND TREND!!!
Oh yea, what you wear matters  a lot.
#1, Ensure u have an outfit that is not boring and would make you comfy!  You know you will be spending lots and lots of time at the event , so comfy is a YES! So choose wisely! Remember Jembel  is just close by and can always help! >>>
#2, What time is the event? Day or night parry? Time of the parry is a great determinant in choosing your outfit. Our Diva rocked her R & M Richards Nude dress for her day parry , and she truly nailed it and looked super chic! Have a look.
#3, More? What’s your choice of shoes? Your shoes  must be given  a priority..ranging from the right colour to match the outfit , to your comfort. Platforms are always ”A  YES” for us. Nevertheless, choose what is comfortable for you but ensure you look super chic and go with with your outfit perfectly!
Finally your hair and facial make- up, must be in tact. Choose a hairstyle that is not boring and one that will give you a ‘wow’look! Don’t forget to wear a smile, after all! IT IS HIGHLY FASHIONABLE
Have a pweetty week and keep looking PWEETTY!img-20160821-wa018

Dress – R & M Richards , from Jembel. More chic dresses @


Black friday new 1

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blog green dress

Have you got parties, end of year events, red carpets etc, let ‘s help you look p-w-e-e-t-t-y!!
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polished look

Hallos Pweetty, have you upgraded your wardrobe yet?? Hmmmmnn, berra hurry; it’s almost end of the year! You simply can’t afford not to!  Yea!! We carefully selected tons of p-w-e-e-t-t-y exclusives, JUST FOR U! …so no missing out!*winks*
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Tips on how to rock your two-piece!

#1 U can take off the jackets and wear them plain.  Accessorize with a simple jewelry and you are good to go! Have a look:


jacky off

#2 Put on your jacket and have a complete POLISHED STYLE!


NEW...Multicoloured sleeveless dress with red jacket -2pc by R and M Richards

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polished look

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signature maxi dresses 4

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