Hey parents, Do U have a favourite (s) among ur children? Please don’t do it! It’s a killer. It sparks up strife amongst your kids, and creates unfavourable environment for the ‘less favorite’ ones to thrive especially if he /or she is aware he /she is the less favourite one! Amongst other evils it breeds are, low self esteem on that child , bitterness ,envy, early frustration in life and more so, hatred for both the other siblings that seem to be the most favoured ones and the parent(s) involved!
Trust me, you won’t want to see what that child turns into in future and even what your life and home as a parent will turn into. The Bible says, get wisdom, in all thine getting, get understanding! we need wisdom to handle our kids. Wisdom i sthe principal thing.It can be tempting i know( am a parent), but you see, we need to love our kids equally for our own good Cos most of the time, what kids turn out to be in life, depends on his /her foundation! E.g when a kids gets enough love from home, watch out for that child! There won’t be any cause for low self- esteem, frustration etc.This is so important.
Like bishop T.D. Jakes would say,(paraphrased) ”Its not what you leave for your kids eg assets after you are gone that is key , but what you leave inside them”…the love! Moreso, hey, don’t compare your child with any other! Every child is unique in his /her way.He /she MUST NOT be like child A or B: especially belittling him/her before his/her younger ones! another is our words on our kids.Don’t abuse you child please parents. use the right words on them.Words are important! Death and life are in the power of the tongue.NO, please don’t do this! By doing so, you are creating an avenue for that child to be belittled or shown little or no respect by her younger folks thereby taking for granted! This is terrible believe me! I have seen many like that.
Let’s be wise parents and treat our kids equally no matter what they do to us or the circumstances surrounding their births! Remember they didn’t force themselves to this world.We gave birth to them and owe them extravagant love and solid foundation as much as we can and leave the rest for God.It is our responsibility! God does , so how much more we? He that lacks wisdom should ask from God, the giver of all wisdom to help raise your kids the right way! We will be happier when we do and our homes peaceful. Even when we are gone, the kids will grow in unity and transfer same equal love to their next generation. Hence creating a better world! Don’t show favoritism among your kids! Its terrible…a killer!! IT IS WELL WITH US!