We spotted one of our Divas, and you need to!yellow and black powwer
You truly need to introduce warm colours in your wardrobe! Yellow is one of such colours that shouldn’t be found wanting in your wardrobe ladies! You are sure gonna slay any outfit in yellow and pull stunts! Trust me. Have a look!

yellow to the power 2 blog 2

What do you think? Hmmmmmn, awesome if you ask me! Try yellow and black shoes, gold accessories like your bangles, neck piece, handbags and you are still trendy! Whites also nail yellow anyday! You can throw one or two white stuff in, instead of gold or black. Key word is explore.
Our Diva rocked her glamorous yellow Fendi- design dress by New Look ( from Jembel), with a pair of black Rock Republic  shoes from Jembel as well, and a black -white Chanel handbag and i think SHE SLAYED THE OUTFIT! She rocked a YELLOW AND BLACK POWER!  You can also have a royal blue , white, or teal and black power with our super glamorous fendi-design dress! Shop from
For extras, wear a hair style that fits your face…Our advice: The simpler the better!
You need help with matching your outfit and accessorizing? Not to worry, Jembel is close by at no extra cost!

Shoes and dress by Jembel. Visit and get the look of your life.

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This week’s Looks!

nkoli collage feb

Now, you tell me what you think!!! How does she look? *winks*
Like i said earlier today in one of our posts that …”Black is beautiful”…! We totally agree! See how one of our Divas rocked our top, skirt and shoes! We were overwhelmed and had to ‘dash’ her the red hat! hahaha!
Seriously Ladies, how you wear what you wear matters! You could see it was just a top, skirt and a pair of shoes but see how it turned out! Black is beautiful any day.Turtle neck tops too are  fab any day! You can also rock with a red bottom/shoes or white bottom as well. What about a good pair of  black shoes? A MUST LADIES! All these and more are always readily available . Just keep glued to
For tops >>>
Skirts / pants >>>
Shoes >>>
See ya some other time! Cheers!!!

Beauty in Challenges!

”Never say you are tired when you are faced with a challenge. When you are tired , you might be pushed to give up. Find a way around it! ALWAYS DO. Remember your vision. Its just another road block and when you come up with a solution, you are one step to becoming awesomely good at managing that project / vision!”…. JOY EZEKA

Spice up your wardrobe, add new colours, enhance your appearance and in all ”thine” getting, GET P-W-E-E-T-T-Y!!