Life is Beautiful!

Good morning Pweetty!  Are you excited this morning? Well I am SUPER EXCITED because God has made life so beautiful! Yes!  Yes!!.. a million times!!!
You know, how you see your life matters a lot. God has made our lives so beautiful. Don’t complicate it with wrong thoughts or imaginations. Is it a challenge or trial? Forget it, and ignore! Dwell on what matters,…God’s word, declare it and before long,the real thing will show up! ( Col.3 vs 2)
Look unto God. Channel your energy that way. Remember David in the scriptures, became so famous because of the Goliath he faced! Much may not have been heard about him if no Goliath showed up in his life. Wow, awesome! So challenges come to make us shine so brightly!
Be conscious of the truth;God’s word. That is final and that is what matters. Be full of praise , you have all things when he sent Jesus Christ to die for you. Life is beautiful! He has given us all things. ( Eph 1 vs 3)
Have a pweetty week!

Steve Madden Blue shoes by Jembel

REAL SHOES? Yes, they are!

image image

Ooouch! Yea, they are real shoes won by our pweetties @ different times! ….proudly from Jembel! Find your feet if you can ! Hahaha!

Your shoes cause a whole lot of drama in your total outlook. So why don’t you explore? Your shoes define your total outlook irrespective of the cost of your dress! …


More thoughts on shoes: Our version!

“Show us your shoes and we’ll tell you how gorgeous you are”. – Jembel!

“Your outfit is poor when you wear the wrong shoes” – Jembel!

“Get Pweetty on your feet”- Jembel!

WE ARE READY! Pamper those feet a lil now @


Pix 1-

Dress- Purple sleeveless dress with a belt to match by Alex Marie

Shoes- Purple platform heely sandals by Office London; Nude Pointies with drapes by Steve Madden

purple dress

The point here is pairing your outfits well.  Have you ever thought of rocking your dress with same colour of shoes?? Yeah!  Not weird at all! In fact its super glamorous so far you accessorize well!
For this purple out fit we used here for example, its a lighter shade while the shoes are darker shade of the same purple family.Yes ,you can actually rock the purple dress with the purple sandals  and accessorize with other colours of clutch bags and ear rings in silver colour or champagne . If you choose the nude pointies, the pair is also perfect. Black or gold clutch /handbags, purple and silver ear rings too, ain’t out of place here as well. Then try stepping out when you are done, and YOU ARE A SHOW STOPPER! *winks*
Pix 2-
-Black mini dress by Sharagano
-Black suede shoes by Woolworths
-Black wedge sandals by Atmosphere


With this collection, everything you need for that super chic look ; be it casual or otherwise is guaranteed! Now let’s dissect what we’ve got here.
For that gorgeous formal look, Sharagano dress will do the magic while you step those well pampered feet  inside the gorgeous beauty by Woolworths! Trust me, those are quite comfy and pweetty.
For a quick transformation from formal to casual,  change your black pointies to the wedges by Atmosphere and you will sure be on point. This gives you a privilege to wear one dress in two different ways. Same with Pix 1.

Whatever your style, size and colour, we ‘ve got your back at Jembel! Come on and visit and the rest is history!!

the style that gets u noticed



Did you ever notice our amazing sophisticated ‘pweetty’ wedges by Charlotte Russe , Steve Madden and Tommy Hilfiger? They are simply gorgeous and super chic! ….a MUST for a pweetty woman’s wardrobe!..and selling soo fast!

If you do not have a pair of trendy wedges, as part of your new year resolution, get one NOW @

Brown open toe wedge by Tommy Hilfiger
Brown open toe wedge by Tommy Hilfiger
Shiny black open toe wedge by Charlotte Russe
Shiny black open toe wedge by Charlotte Russe
Light brown strappy leather wedge by Charlotte Russe
Light brown strappy leather wedge by Charlotte Russe
Brown open toe wedge by Steve Madden SOLD OUT
Brown open toe wedge by Steve Madden